May 30, 2017

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Nestle to Use Less Salt, “Healthier” Ingredients in Maggi
Image courtesy of Nestle

Global food and beverage firm Nestle announced plans Tuesday to “transform” the ingredients used in its Maggi product range globally by 2020 in a shift toward natural, familiar flavors and lower sodium contents.

“This means more vegetables and original flavors from vegetables, herbs and spices, grains and other nutrient-rich ingredients,” the company explained in a blog post heralding the move, dubbed by Nestle as the Maggi “Simply Good” initiative.

The food company also pledged to achieve an average sodium reduction in Maggi products by 10% through 2020 and increase servings of fortified ingredients to 120 billion per year from 110 billion in 2015.

Nestle said the “Simply Good” plan intends to make Maggi ingredients more closely resemble ingredients found in home kitchens and foster healthier eating habits among its customers.

“Along with changes to the products, Maggi Simply Good is also encouraging food habits that have a positive impact. Advice, recipes, and local events will help people cook healthily on a budget and reduce food waste,” the company’s blog post said.

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