Kemin Nutrisurance Appoints New President

Image courtesy of Kemin Industries Kimberly_Nelson.jpg
Kimberly Nelson, pictured here, will become president of Kemin Nutrisurance in October 2022.
Kimberly Nelson will lead the company’s pet food and rendering technologies business unit starting in October.

Global ingredient manufacturer Kemin Industries announced Friday that Kimberly Nelson was named as the president of the firm’s pet food and rendering technologies business unit, Kemin Nutrisurance.

A third-generation member of Kemin’s founding family, Nelson most recently served as General Manager – North America for Kemin Nutrisurance. While she was in that role, the global business unit witnessed double-digit sales growth.

“I’m thrilled to lead Kemin Nutrisurance and immensely proud to continue the important work my family has built over the last six decades,” Nelson said in a statement. “As a pet owner myself, I’m especially excited to be part of this business unit, and I am eager to continue our success and expand upon it to further cement our position as an industry leader.”

During her time with the company, Nelso has also served as president of Kemin Textile Auxiliaries, operating under the brand Garmon Chemicals, and General Manager – India for Kemin Textile Auxiliaries.

“I am very proud to promote Kimberly Nelson to president of Kemin Nutrisurance, as she has demonstrated the people-focused leadership and business savvy needed to guide our pet food and rendering business,” said David Raveyre, Worldwide Group President, Kemin Industries, in a release. “Kimberly has an excellent track record of driving innovation and has demonstrated her ability to effectively direct a global business unit. With the results she’s already delivered, I’m confident she will continue the impressive legacy of the Nelson family and Kemin.”

The new role becomes effective in October 2022.

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