fire-2204171_1920.jpg Image courtesy of Pixabay

Grinding Equipment Fire at Purina Mills Feed Facility

A fire ignited in a grinder at a Purina Mills feed mill in Texas on Monday,

Firefighters responded to the Purina Mills feed facility in Lubbock, TX on Monday morning after a blaze started in a piece of grinding equipment, several local news organizations reported.

Dispatched at about 8:45 am, crews arrived at the scene to find flames in a grinder located outside of the feed mill, according to coverage by television news station KLBK.  

The grinding equipment was about 130ft above the ground, an account by NBC News affiliate KCBD said.

No information was available on the cause of the fire.

Owned by Land O’ Lakes Inc., Purina Mills is a producer of animal feed products and supplements.

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