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Firm to Build “Super-Mill” for Compound Animal Feed

Image courtesy of ABN Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 12.19.50 PM.png
ABN said it is opening the new mill in the UK to meet future demand for pig and poultry feed.

Animal feed company ABN revealed plans this week for a new “super mill” for compound animal feed in the UK that will have a capacity of 1 million tn/yr of pig and poultry feed.

“This investment aims to provide a sustainable solution for an industry currently close to capacity, as it tries to keep pace with the rising demand for animal feed,” the company said in a release announcing the project.

Demand for chicken and pork products is expected to increase over the next few decades. The country’s population is expected to hit 77 million by 2050, creating a need to expand meat production. ABN, part of AB Agri, is a supplier of pig and poultry compound feed to the UK market.

“UK agriculture faces exciting opportunities ahead, to meet the demand for food from a growing population, not just domestically but globally too. This demand will drive the need for more protein products, from more productive animals and consequently drive even greater demand for animal feed,” Simon Heath, managing director of AB Agri’s compound feed division, said in a statement.

ABN said it is currently examining potential sites for the facility in the East of England region. It is unclear when the company will select a location.

“What I can announce is that we are intending to build the UK’s biggest and most efficient compound animal feed mill,” said Heath. “Not only that, the mill will deliver improved animal feed quality, improved reliability, efficiency, and sustainability plus greater traceability.”

The company currently operates 11 feed mills in the UK.

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