FDA Recall Update: June 2024

Food & beverage, pet product, and drug/medical device recalls by the US Food & Drug Administration

Kristen Kazarian, Managing Editor

July 9, 2024

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FDA Recalls in June 2024
9 food products were recalled due to potential contamination of Listeria or Salmonella.digicomphoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

The US Food & Drug Administration has recalled 29 products in the month of June, which is up from May’s 22 and April’s 28 recalls.

Of the 29 recalled products, 21 were for food and beverage products, 5 were drugs/medical devices, and 3 were animal/pet products.

Food & Beverage

Out of the 21 recalls in this category, 5 were due to possible Salmonella contamination, 4 for possible Listeria, 7 for undeclared allergens, 1 for Cronobacter spp. contamination, 1 for under-processing, 1 for clostridium botulinum, 1 for mold contamination, and 1 for toxic muscimol levels.

7 foods were recalled for unlabeled/undeclared allergens:

  • New Seasons Market Strawberry Rhubarb Bakewell Tart ‒ undeclared almonds

  • Arepas La Mejor Corn Cake ‒ undeclared milk

  • Heinen’s Tuscan Salad Bowl ‒ undeclared pecans

  • DSD Merchandisers Inc. Deluxe Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts ‒ undeclared peanuts

  • Feve Artisan Chocolatier x Dandelion Chocolate ‒ undeclared hazelnuts

  • Aldi Bake Shop Bakery Chocolate Chip Muffin 4 count ‒ undeclared walnuts

  • Aahu Barah Apricot roll ‒ undeclared sulfites

5 recalls were due to possible Salmonella contamination:

  • Fresh Start Produce Sales (no brand name) Whole Cucumbers

  • Baraka Ground black pepper

  • Green Life Farms Baby Arugula

  • Nature’s Wonderland Thyroid Formula

  • Sunco and Frenchie terrafina Macadamia in the Raw

4 recalls were due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination:

  • Classic Delight, Nutrisystem, Wakefield Individually wrapped sandwiches

  •  Totally Cool Inc. Ice Cream products

  • Solata, Gaia Organic, Full Circle Organic, Farmer Direct, Uncle Vinny’s, Bogopa Spinach and salad mixes

  • Foppen Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices – Toast sized, 8.1 oz.

1 recall was due to Cronobacter spp. contamination

  • Crecelac Powdered Goat Milk Infant Formula ‒ Cronobacter spp. contamination

1 recall was due to being potentially under processed, which could lead to potential for spoilage organisms or pathogens:

  • Hudson Harvest Tomato Basil Sauce

1 product was recalled for the potential of mold:

  • Wildly Beloved Food Dried Orzo and Dried Campanelle

1 product recalled due to toxic levels of muscimol:

  • Diamond Shruumz Infused Cones, Chocolate Bars, and Gummies

1 recalled was due to potential contamination of Clostridium botulinum:

  • Snapchill Coffee Products

Pet Products

There were 3 pet food/treat recalls in June.

1 product was recalled due to elevated levels of certain vitamins:

  • Grostrong, MoorMan’s, MaxLEan, Roughage Buster, Pan Pals, Patriot, Goat Power, Juniorglo, Rack Plus, Seniorglo animal feed products — specific lots may contain elevated levels of magnesium, sodium, calcium and/or phosphorous.

1 product was recalled due to possible metal object inclusion:

  • Barkworthies and Best Bully Sticks Green Tripe Dog Treats

1 product was recalled for the potential of Salmonella contamination:

  • Sunseed Vita Prima Hedgehog Food

Drug / Medical Devices

5 drugs were called:

  • StellaLife Inc. Homeopathic StellaLife Oral Care Products – microbial contamination

  • Integrity Products Ram It To The Moon dietary supplement – product is tainted with sildenafil and tadalafil.

  • Suntegrity Sunscreen Foundation – higher than acceptable microbiological mold count

  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Potassium Chloride Extended Release 750mg capsules, 100 ct and 500 ct – failed dissolution

  • Blue Point Laboratories Potassium Chloride Extended Release 750mg capsules, 100 ct and 500 ct – failed dissolution

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