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FDA Food, Pet, & Drug Recall Update: April 2023

Article-FDA Food, Pet, & Drug Recall Update: April 2023

Image courtesy of Monticello / iStock / Getty Images Plus food recalls
The month of April had 29 recalls by the FDA in the categories of food, animal and drugs.
April had many recalls for undeclared products, as in recent months, yet zero for pet foods.

In the month of April, the FDA announced 29 recalls in food, veterinary, and pharmaceuticals. Of the 29, 24 were in food, and 5 were in pharma (with 1 included in animal drugs). Unlike last month with 4 recalls in the pet food category, there were zero this month.


From that 24 recalls in food products, 17 were due to undeclared ingredients on labeling, i.e., allergens not listed.

  • 3 were because of sesame, which is the newest allergen added this year. These were all bread products.
  • 2 were recalled due to egg: 1 in Greek yogurt and 1 in mini treats.
  • 6 due to undeclared milk: 2 in pretzel snacks; 1 in Vitamin B and B complex supplements; 1 by Jabsons Foods that includes five products: Tandoori Roasted Chana (chickpeas), Tandoori Roasted Peanut, Tandoori KajuCashew Nuts, Tandoori Peanut Spread, Thai sweet Chilli Roasted Peanut; 1 for Super Kids Colostrum dietary supplement; and 1 in white cheddar cheese popped water lily seeds.
  • 1 recall for peanuts, found in curry powder.
  •  2 cashews, both in SimplyProtein peanut butter chocolate crispy bars.
  • 1 for almonds in blueberry peach crisp snacks.
  • 1 various (egg, fish, milk, soy, and wheat) in Washington Crab & Seafood Company’s crab dip, cocktail sauce, coleslaw and crabcakes.
  • 1 due to fish in Udon noodles.

Two products came under scrutiny due to salmonella. One recall was just this week, in Gold Medal flour, both bleached and unbleached. The second was in ground cumin, by Lipari Foods.

One product was recalled due to Clostridium botulinum: 4 oz. cans of GEISHA medium shrimp.

Listeria monocytogenes came up in four products: all lettuce and salad kit products including FreshExpress and Publix brands.


There were 5 drug recalls for April.

  • 1 recall for Abbott’s Readers in the FreeStyle Libre product family due to the potential for the battery to overheat or swell.
  • 1 for FENTANYL Buccal Tablets CII due to Safety updates omitted in the Product Insert/Medication Guide.
  • 1 in various dietary supplements by Truvy, TruVision and reFORM because of unapproved Hordenine and octodrine/DMHA (1,5-dimethylhexylamine).
  • 1 for male enhancement capsules under the Pro Power Knight Plus, NUX, Dynamite Super brands due to undeclared tadalafil and sildenafil.
  • 1 recall covering many products under the Akorn name — for both human and animal drugs. As a result of bankruptcy, the firm is removing several products from the market due to the discontinuation of the Quality program which would result in the company’s inability to assure that products meet the identity, strength, quality, and purity.
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