Continuous Processors Texturize Plant-Based Meat Products

These continuous processors automatically impart a choice of textures to plant-based meat products.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

September 1, 2020

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These continuous processors automatically impart a choice of textures to plant-based meat products to mimic the look and feel of natural beef, pork, sausage, and other types of meat and poultry.

Capable of shredding, macerating, and pulling finished products into a variety of forms, the continuous processors effectively texturize plant-based products that use soy, whey, wheat, pea, and other proteins, while simultaneously adding flavors, seasonings, and other ingredients in a single step. To achieve the targeted textures, the continuous processors feature an aggressive, co-rotating, twin-screw configuration with a flattened paddle arrangement that applies high-intensity shear over a relatively long barrel length.

Consolidating a multi-step process into one, automated step combining both wet and dry ingredients, the continuous processors integrate mixing, blending, flavoring, seasoning, heating, encapsulating, and texturizing, among other processes, for fast, efficient, repeatable production without the stoppages and frequent cleanings required in batch processing. The food processing equipment is available in USDA- and 3A-compliant designs and is custom engineered for each installation to meet targeted quality and production requirements.

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