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Conagra Changes Swiss Miss Packaging to Eco-Friendly Design

Image courtesy of Conagra Brands Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 2.42.29 PM.png
The food company says the new package design will reduce the product line’s carbon footprint.

American food company Conagra Brands and plastic packaging solutions firm Berry Global are rolling out a new, eco-friendly package design for the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa product line that will lower the carbon footprint of each container by 15%.

The carbon reductions are achieved through the recyclable packaging’s tapered cube design, which was developed in partnership with Berry Global’s Blue Clover Studios, the companies announced in a joint press release Tuesday. The packaging will initially be used with 38 oz size containers of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix.

“This redesign is an important step forward on our sustainable packaging journey,” Katya Hantel, senior director of sustainable development for Conagra, said in a statement. “We will adopt the recyclable cube over the next several years, supporting Conagra’s target to make 100% of its plastic packaging renewable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.”

Conagra’s new design lowers the carbon footprint of the package by 98 mt/yr because of lower energy needs for manufacturing and transporting the containers. The company said it will reduce the amount of diesel fuel needed to transport the packages by more than 1,000 gallons annually.

“If your company is committed to sustainability, this package is a giant leap forward for many reasons,” Dave Weaver, vice president, product management for Berry Global, said in the release.

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