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Biosolution to Increase Shelf Life and Texture in Baked Goods, and Other Food Industry News

Gallery-Biosolution to Increase Shelf Life and Texture in Baked Goods, and Other Food Industry News

Novozymes, a Danish biotechnology company, has debuted a new enzymatic baking ingredient, Novamyl BestBite, that is designed to increase freshness, improve shelf life, and reduce sugar in baked foods.
Novamyl uses biosolutions to combat food waste, and other industry news you might have missed.

Novozymes, a Danish biotech company, introduces the newest Novamyl baking product, Novamyl BestBite. The product puts texture at the forefront of baking while delivering significant improvements in freshness, improving shelf-life and lowering food waste. 

BestBite also reduced between 50% to 75% of added sugar, without changing the taste of your bread.

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of Novamyl BestBite and to welcome all the new capabilities it brings. With each addition to the Novamyl family, we address a concern or demand in the market, while continuing to combat food waste. Keeping baked products fresh and on the shelf is not enough. By focusing on texture and maintaining a soft, fluffy and resilient eating experience throughout shelf-life, we have been able to target a new area in the market,” said Adam B. V. Diggle, Business Unit director, Baking at Novozymes. 

“Novamyl BestBite uses a game-changing biosolution that lifts the entire eating experience. In terms of texture this means a perfectly balanced bite that is soft yet resilient which perfectly matches what consumers prefer. Until now, obtaining a superior softness and moistness without compromising on resilient bread crumb has been a challenge. But Novamyl BestBite allows you to achieve a great balance without compromises. We call it ‘A soft yet resilient bite,’” Diggle added.

Increasing the shelf-life of baked goods means reducing the impact of all the processes involved in baking, including crop production, processing of grains, baking process, packaging, and transportation. 

With the use of the new biosolution, Novamyl BestBite enhances the characteristics of its predecessors, but with a much stronger focus on fresh texture and the optimization of recipes, allowing producers to reduce dependency of added sugars in their products. When added to the baking process, Novamyl BestBite creates a baked good that is fresher than fresh and increases the shelf-life of the product, without compromising on the eating experience for the consumer. 

Novamyl uses biosolutions to combat food waste. Since 1990, the use of Novamyl in baking has contributed to saving more than 80 billion loaves of bread from being thrown away, according to the company.

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