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Albany Farms to Open Large Ramen Production Site

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The facility in Belle Fourche, SD will be capable of manufacturing over 100 million packages of ramen each year.

Los Angeles-based food manufacturer Albany Farms recently selected a location in South Dakota for a new ramen production plant that will supply over 100 million packages of the dish each year.

The company recently bought a 50,000-sq-ft manufacturing plant at the Belle Fourche Industrial and Rail Park in Belle Fourche, SD, the Belle Fourche Beacon reported. Albany Foods plans to convert the building into a food manufacturing operation and add another 100,000 sq ft of space to the structure. Another 150,000-sq-ft plant will be erected on a 23-acre parcel next to the existing facility, enabling the company to expand the range of products produced there.

During the project, the firm will add a flour mill and production and packaging assets to the site, Albany Farms CEO Bill Saller told the Associated Press (AP). About 900 people will be hired to staff the plant when it becomes fully operational.

Ramen made at the Belle Fourche plant will be sold under the Twisted Noodle brand, according to the Beacon. Saller said in the newspaper’s coverage that operations are expected to commence there in March or April 2022. Work on the new flour mill will be finished by summer 2024.

Albany Farms currently operates manufacturing facilities in 27 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, according to information on the firm’s website. Its portfolio includes soup and ramen, baking goods, rice, condiments, and dairy products.

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