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The Future of the Bulk Solids Innovation Center

Article-The Future of the Bulk Solids Innovation Center

The Future of the Bulk Solids Innovation Center
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Johnselvakumar Lawrence, the new research director at the Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center revealed some of the near and long-term plans for the center last week at Powder & Bulk Solids Texas in Houston.

Lawrence talked about some of the capabilities of the center, as well as future plans, as part of the "Center Stage" at the event. Some of the highlights Lawrence discussed:

-  Beginning in 2016, the Center will host “refresher” courses on bulk solids handling at the center every few months. The five-day comprehensive courses will cover various topics within the bulk solids field and is aimed at technicians and engineers in the industry.

-  The university will offer specific undergraduate, graduate, and PhDs in the powder and bulk solids fields.

-  There is already one research program underway at the Innovation Center – a study on the mixing of molten aluminum with potassium fluoroborate solids.

-  The center will be able to do both contract and consortium research.

Lawrence also provided a refresher to the audience about the research capabilities at the Center, including a description of what the facility can do.

The current emphasis on research at the Center is in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, but Lawrence said the goal is for the Center to be able to handle research for heavy industry and construction/mining in the future.

The Center has a number of equipment and lab area where students and researchers can use, including pneumatic conveying (both dilute and dense phase) and process systems (including feeding, weighing, scaling, and silo blending). The Center can handle material by rail and truck and has both a material property test lab and a full-scale bulk solids test bay.

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