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Feeders Spotlight

Demountable Screw Feeder This USDA-approved, 3A-accepted screw feeder provides highly accurate metering of food and dairy powders. The tri-screw design minimizes product bridging, improves consistency of bulk density, and maximizes filling of screw flights. Sanitary features include: a quickly demountable, easy-to-clean design that allows access to all product surfaces; air-purge seals to eliminate shaft leakage; outboard bearings; stainless steel construction with welds ground smooth and flush to <32 Ra. Screw sizes range from 1-9-in. diam (3 to 2000 cu ft/hr). AC or DC motor and drives are available. Powder Process-Solutions, Chanhassen, MN 877-933-2556 www.powder-solutions.com

Vibratory Net-Weigh Feeders  The TE-10 Series of net-weigh feeders uses a variable speed electronic scale designed for weighments of 2 oz to 25 lb. They are capable of both powder and granule applications, filling up to 18 bags per minute. Features include tool-less disassembly for easy clean-up and dual set-points. Taylor Products, Parsons, KS 888-882-9567 www.taylorproducts.com

All-Steel Feeders The Model 170 Series is specifically designed for complete and total product clean-out. Ideally suited for those applications where rapid product changeover is a requirement and where near-zero downtime is critical, these feeders are available in five different model sizes with a feed range from 0.0012 to 270 cu ft/hr. These all-steel, industrial-duty feeders easily and accurately handle a broad variety of dry solid materials without any need for mechanical changes whatsoever. In addition, these feeders will self-empty and are the only ones available with a unique discharge port to enable rapid emptying of product when required. Available as a volumetric feeder or as the metering device of certain model “weight-loss” weigh feeders, the Model 170 Series offers user options including quick-disconnect or sanitary construction and swing-out or tilt-back hoppers for certain models. Acrison Inc., Moonachie, NJ 201-440-8300 www.acrison.com

Gravimetric Feeder The CentriFeeder with Integrated Control Valve (ICV) is both a controlled feed device and a mass flow measurement device in a single multi-functioning unit that will accurately measure and control the flow of any dry, free-flowing solid. Using a highly customizable touch screen HMI equipped with an integrated Servo, (low rpm, AC, Brushless) a PID control loop is established to control the ICV feeding a patented CentriFlow meter. For precise measurement and control, an integral linear position sensor is used to regulate the blade’s position to within 1 part in 1000 (based on stroke). For delicate products, the CentriFeeder with ICV is equipped with a Virtual Flow Stop function that stops flow with virtually no damage to your product. Eastern Instruments, Wilmington, NC 910-392-2490 www.easterninstruments.com

Sanitary Feeder  The Mechatron 3-A feeder was designed specifically for use in food and dairy industry process applications where equipment must meet 3-A sanitary levels or equivalent. All welds, radii, seals, surface finishes, gaskets, and contact and non-contact materials meet 3-A standards. Available product features include AC and DC drive packages, an FDA/USDA-accepted Coni-Flex flexible conical feed-hopper, helix configurations for feed rates from 0.3 to 330 cu ft/hr, and the ability to disassemble, clean, reconfigure, and service from the non-process side of the feeder. A domed hopper cover and open bottom frame speeds and optimizes draining during and after wash-down cycles. Smooth, crevice-free product contact surfaces at 32 micro inch or better help prevent the formation of bacteria. Schenck AccuRate, Whitewater, WI 262-473-2441 www.accuratefeeders.com

MetaTech Volumetric Feeder  The redesigned MetaTech feeder offers simple, economical, and reliable feeding of dry bulk materials. The new design features only two moving parts (drive and screw) to ensure long-lasting performance with minimal process downtime and maintenance expense. The feeder also features a compact, space-saving design, low-maintenance o-ring sealed inline direct drive, new Delrin bushing, and unique agitator/conditioner screw to maintain consistent product density and completely fill the feed screw for accurate (± 1 to 1 1/2%) feeding. Interchangeable screw/tube combinations are available in 1/2-6-in. sizes and permit feed rates from 0.05 to 550 cu ft/hr. The feeders are available in a wide range of models including space-saving mini, sanitary, and combination feeder/conveyor units. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999 www.metalfabinc.com

Volumetric Powder Feeders This line of precise and reliable powder feeders features varying capacities equipped to handle a wide range of material bulk densities at low to medium feed rates. Each of the three machines in the line is engineered with a patented U-Trough hopper and feed section, which provide the first practical and economical means for metering difficult-to-control powders. The geometry of the trough and agitator effectively de-aerate and contain the powder on initial fill to help prevent flooding. The independently driven agitator maintains optimum material conditioning while screw speed can vary to control flow rate. Material does not build up within the trough or within the continuous screw tube, preventing blinding or erratic feed. Each of the three machines in the line has the ability to feed materials with an accuracy of ±1.0 to 2% of set rate. Thayer Scale, Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101 www.thayerscale.com

Vibratory Pan Feeder The Kraus Stedi-Flo vibratory pan feeder feeds almost any granular material from abrasive silica sand to very fine granular powders. Applications include weighing and batching where feed control is essential. It is ideal for feeding coolers, dryers, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, weigh hoppers, continuous process systems, and continuous mixers. The feeder can be operated with a variable speed controller or in a fixed rate application. It is simple in design and available in a heavy-duty or light-duty construction in either mild steel, abrasion-resistant steel, or stainless steel. Stainless steel finishes are available in standard or polished construction. Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com

Micro-Feeder Designed especially for mealy, floury, and granular materials, the MZMA micro-feeder for free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials is ideally suited for handling flours, starch, and vitamin premixes. The large capacity allows throughput rates ranging from 200 to 3500 l/hr. The special frequency-converter-controlled drive enables the material feed rate to be easy and accurately selected. The mixing hopper incorporates rotating elements that loosen the product and ensure a constant rate of material feed to the feed screw. The rugged machine design ensures maximum wear resistance. Most elements are maintenance-free. Maintenance-free bearings are durable and achieve a long service life. The feeder is dust-tight so no dirt can escape from the machine. Bühler Inc., Minneapolis, MN 763-847-9900 www.buhlergroup.com

Rotary Feeder  Designed specifically for pneumatic conveying of dense materials, such as fine powders used in chemical and pharmaceutical processing, food and bakery processing, plastics, and milling, the Aero-Flow series of rotary feeders provides efficient, air-assisted, material introduction to pneumatic conveying systems. It uses a proprietary, dual-induction endplate design to introduce pressurized air from both endplates into the rotor pockets carrying process material. The high bulk density material, when mixed with air, is more effectively released from the rotor pockets, and is more efficiently introduced to the pneumatically conveyed material flow. The Aero-Flow series dual-induction design speeds the material fluidization process, improves material consistency, and optimizes feeder energy consumption when compared to conventional, single-induction feeder designs. ACS Valves, Caledonia, ON, Canada 800-655-3447 www.acsvalves.com

Bulk Container Crusher/Feeder This combination crusher/feeder was designed to solve the nuisance of lumps coming from bulk containers while providing a metered feed to the downstream equipment. This solution is applicable to many applications for industries like chemical, food, dairy, or any dry to slightly moist powders. The crusher is designed to run in a flooded condition directly below the bulk container outlet. The feeder outlet can be adapted to many discharge configurations including airlock flanges, surge hoppers, etc. The unit is offered in many sizes that suit sanitary, dust-tight, and limited space designs. Machine and Process Design Inc., Anoka, MN 877-224-0653 www.mpd-inc.com

Heavy-Duty Vibratory Feeders  BEST vibratory feeders are designed to smoothly convey products. Flow of material is adjustable, and flow rate can be variable or fixed. Available in electric- or air-operated models, these feeders are designed with above-, below-, or side-mounted drives and can be arranged for base mounting or overhead suspension. The feeders come in custom vibrating trough lengths, with special trough designs available. Several basic models are available including air-operated light-duty, air-operated heavy-duty, twin-motor vibrating pan and grizzly feeders, electromagnetic, twin motor, and special application feeders. Metso, Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237 www.bestvibes.com

Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeders PosiPortion feeders offer options specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of industry, including: a programmable logic controller (PLC) that is designed specifically to meet unique processes, including varying batches, multiple feeders, and other requirements; complex processes are streamlined with pre-programmed routines, reducing operator time and risk of error in calculating batch needs; configured for volumetric or gravimetric delivery of dry bulk materials; utilizes mechanically actuated paddles to assure optimum product inflow crucial to consistent, repeatable feed screw performance; combats the formation of stable arches over the feed screw, but also prevents degradation of friable product and segregation of blended product. Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260 www.hapman.com

Explosion-Proof Feeders Designed to eliminate the potential for combustion in powder processing environments, explosion-proof, air-powered vibratory feeders handle the flow of powdered materials through an enclosed tray that is free from moving parts. Models such as the CT-A units convey powdered metals or many other powdered solids in an encased tube that not only keeps particles from any possibility of hazardous dusting, but also ensures the materials stay safe from contamination and degradation. The Model CT-A-236-125 vibratory tube feeder features durable 304 stainless steel construction inside a 36-in. long by 2-in.-diam tube and all powdered product contact areas. A below-mounted quiet, air-cushioned vibrator drive has a coated bore and nitrofusion piston and permits ongoing operation at maximum force outputs to effectively move 200 to 800 lb of metal powders per hour. The Cleveland Vibrator Co., Cleveland, OH 800-221-3298 www.clevelandvibrator.com