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Eriez Offers Equipment Rebuilds, Repairs, Re-Certification

Article-Eriez Offers Equipment Rebuilds, Repairs, Re-Certification

The Eriez 5-Star Service Center, located at the company’s plant in Erie, PA, keeps equipment operating at peak performance to reduce downtime and enable maximum profitability. The state-of-the-art facility is fully staffed and equipped to handle customers’ rebuild, repair, and re-certification needs.

The center includes on-site and off-site repairs, maintenance, equipment rebuilds, lift magnet certification, parts, and downloadable resources, all designed to improve and maintain customers’ productivity and profitability. The facility provides complete testing, diagnostics, tear-down, inspection, and updated electronics and assemblies. All re-built equipment leaves with an “as new” warranty.

Customers can receive on-site maintenance work for situations where it’s inconvenient or impractical to ship equipment to Eriez. On-site field service is available anytime, even on short notice. All of the same benefits and warranties apply for on-site service.

The repair and rebuild services include a broad assortment of equipment, including magnetic separators, feeders, conveyors, screeners and classifiers, metal detectors, eddy current separators, lifting magnets, magnetic coolant cleaners, magnetic belt conveyors, magnetic chip and parts conveyors, and more. The center handles both Eriez and non-Eriez products and systems.

The Eriez 5-Star Lift Magnet Certification/Refurbishment Program ensures compliance with ASME standards. Every repaired magnet comes with a with a one-year “as new” warranty, as well as a “Certificate of Compliance,” guaranteeing the repairs and load tests of the magnet comply with ASME B30.20. Eriez also offers a Lift Magnet Exchange Program.

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