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Purina Finishes $250M Cat Litter Plant Expansion Project

Image courtesy of Nestle Purina group-checkered banner.jpg
Two new buildings were added to the firm’s facility in Bloomfield, MO to increase capacity for Tidy Cats litter.

Pet food and products manufacturer Nestle Purina recently concluded work on a $250 million expansion project at its Bloomfield, MO cat litter plant to boost the site’s capacity for Tidy Cats litter products.

Two new buildings were added to the 1.1 million-sq-ft campus in Missouri that will manufacture and package Tidy Cats LightWeight litter. The company upgraded production equipment for other products sold under the brand, as well as machinery for self-manufacturing jug-style containers. Nestle Purina also constructed a new warehouse that features a range of automated technology.

“Purina’s cat litter business, driven by the Tidy Cats brand, has realized strong growth over the past several years. Expanding our operations in Bloomfield will play a critical role in ensuring that Purina can continue to provide cat owners with innovative products and superior quality,” Eric Willis, vice president and general manager of Purina’s Cat Litter division, said in a recent company release. “The investment in Bloomfield to expand our production, add a new warehouse, and bring a significant portion of our package manufacturing in-house allows us to reach more cat owners while also lowering our impact on the environment.”

The company said the Bloomfield plant is the first cat litter facility in its network to self-manufacture its own packaging. Some 480 truckloads of packaging supplies and associated emissions will be offset by these in-house capabilities.

“Purina is proud to continue investing in southeast Missouri and providing critical jobs for the region,” said Jeff Goodmanson, factory manager of Purina’s Bloomfield site, in a statement. “This expansion builds on our 45-year legacy in Bloomfield of providing high-performing and innovative products that cat owners trust.”

This June, Nestle Purina announced plans for a $128 million expansion project at its cat litter production plant in King William County, Virginia. The company plans to build 138,000 sq ft of space to boost the site’s capacity and “enhance business operations” for Tidy Cats litter products, including the LightWeight formulas like Free & Clean Unscented. 100,000 sq ft of warehouse space will also be added to the facility to improve logistics management and delivery capabilities.

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