Targo-Vent: Directed Combustible Dust Explosion Pressure Venting

November 25, 2013

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Targo-Vent: Directed Combustible Dust Explosion Pressure Venting
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Traffic routes in and around manufacturing facilities are carefully considered when planning and implementing combustible dust explosion venting to the outside with conventional explosion panels. Consideration must also be given those to areas that are accessible to plant employees and work stations and specialty measures must be implemented. With conventional explosion venting, the pressure wave and flame blast must be deflected or explosion panels must be installed such that there is large scale clearance around the area that could be affected by such a pressure wave and blast. Either option could prove quite costly, depending on the application, resulting in a severe loss of usable area or the need for implementation of more costly solutions such as indoor flameless venting systems. The Targo-Vent has been developed to provide a cost-effective, safe solution to this concern. The Targo-Vent is an add-on module to REMBE Inc. explosion panels, which limits the opening angle of an explosion panel. Should the panel rupture due to an event, the explosion pressure wave, flames, and heat are all directed into “safe” areas, decreasing the otherwise required “hazard” areas.
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