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SOCMA Applauds CFATS Milestone

Article-SOCMA Applauds CFATS Milestone

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) applauded the signing of H.R. 4007, the “Protecting and Securing Chemical Facilities from Terrorist Attacks Act of 2014” into law today. The final version of the bill, which passed the U.S. Senate and House last week with bipartisan support, provides a multi-year authorization of the Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism Standards (CFATS) program and is widely supported by SOCMA member companies.  
“After years of SOCMA’s engagement on this issue, we are delighted to see this bill become law of the land,” said SOCMA president and CEO Lawrence Sloan. “A multi-year CFATS authorization will provide much-needed certainty for chemical owners and operators implementing the CFATS program.”
Until this point, the CFATS program was part of the short-term “continuing resolution” process. This law will remove the program from these funding fire drills by providing a four-year authorization of the program.
“Securing our nation’s chemical facilities requires public-private partnership,” Sloan said. “As an industry, we are required to abide by these regulations, but the federal government is responsible for ensuring that the rules don’t continue to be a moving target."
SOCMA has been a leading advocate in support of the CFATS program, as well as proactive in engaging with Congress and the federal agencies on potential improvements. SOCMA members have testified on Capitol Hill numerous times over the past several years, asking Congress for a multi-year authorization. SOCMA also co-funds an annual security summit with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, affording policymakers, regulators and industry stakeholders the opportunity to weigh in on CFATS and relevant issues.  
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