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New Bench Scales Enhance Hazardous-Area Productivity

Article-New Bench Scales Enhance Hazardous-Area Productivity

Mettler-Toledo's ICS4_6x combi bench scale
Mettler-Toledo's ICS4_6x combi bench scale

When weighing in potentially explosive environments, it is important that equipment is safe, compliant, and able to be handled efficiently. Mettler Toledo helps meet hazardous-area regulations and maintain the level of accuracy and flexibility required by processes with intrinsically safe ICS4_6x combi bench scales.

ICS4_6x combi bench scales are designed to provide the highest safety in Zone 1 and 21 hazardous areas. In addition, ICS4_6x-series scales provide repeatable resolutions of up to 750,000d without compromising safety.

ICS4_6x intrinsically safe terminals provide excellent functionality. A full range of in-built weighing applications and versatile mounting options provide the ability to choose the configuration that matches a working environment. The addition of Mettler Toledo colorWeight functionality improves weighing-task speed and control by immediately changing screen color when weights are within tolerance.

At a basic level, intrinsic safety offers several advantages over flame-proofing. By preventing all sources of ignition, Mettler Toledo has made maintenance easier and faster to reduce downtime. Additionally, intrinsically safe solutions tend to be smaller, lighter and less expensive than comparable flame-proof solutions while providing identical operation in both safe and hazardous areas.

ICS4_6x scales are approved according to both global and local hazardous-area standards, including IECEx and ATEX, to ensure scales are part of keeping facilities and personnel safe.

Mettler-Toledo LLC, Columbus, OH 800-638-8537 www.mt.com

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