Explosion Protection for Conveyors

March 2, 2015

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Explosion Protection for Conveyors

The newly developed Elevex system is a compact, sophisticated, highly efficient and thoroughly tested protection system that protects vertical conveyors from explosions.

“The RSBP Co. has developed a series of new products to protect vertical conveyors that meet the most stringent criteria required by legislature and customer demands for hundred percent safety and reliability,” said doc. Ing. Petr Stroch, Ph.D., RSBP Co. general manager. “Each product has been tested individually according to requirements of appropriate standards -- for example EN 14373, EN 15089, EN 16009, and EN 16447 -- and the Elevex system has also been tested as a unit.”

There are a lot of examples of use of the ELEVEX system, from protection using FVP type explosion panels, through the FLEX flameless relief and the HRD PRO explosion suppression system to an HRD barrier or a mechanical closing system. Characteristics of transported bulk materials can vary greatly. For example, granules, grain, or spheres contain fine dust that is spread throughout and transported by a moving conveyor. An explosive atmosphere can occur inside redler, pipe-chain, belt, and Z-type conveyors or bucket elevators. Due to the material transport principle in a bucket elevator there are inevitable factors that can lead to an explosion. Such explosion risk is significant. Therefore it is necessary to protect these vertical conveyors.

One of the most effective anti-explosion systems for vertical conveyors is an explosion suppression system. Specially designed detectors provide timely and accurate detection that monitors a protected object in periods shorter than 1 ms. An output to a control center and then to activators provides an immediate impulse for opening of an HRD bottle valve. Beyond this, thanks to newly developed nozzles and action members, an extinguishing agent is perfectly and evenly spread over the entire protected area. The Elevex system is able to suppress an explosion far under the borderline 0.2 bar.  

“For customers that prefer mechanical protection, we are able to offer flameless systems with highly effective flameless relief,” said Stroch. “Due to outstanding relief (effectiveness) and the structure of flame filter, we achieve a safety zone with a minimum extent. This provides for safety movement of personnel in the close proximity of the protected technology.”

For outside applications, where a safety zone must be determined, specially adapted FVP explosion relief systems provide 100% relief effectiveness.

The RSBP Co. offers two systems for effective explosion isolation in vertical conveyors – a mechanical and a chemical barrier. “Based on our own tests of individual components on vertical conveyors we are able to cover wide extent of different size, age, and pressure resistivity conveyors and various classes of transported materials,” said Stroch. “Since we perform testing of whole systems and components on EMC and LVD, we can certify their stability against external electric disturbances, and we can also certify electrical resistance of all components. When designing explosion protection for vertical conveyors we need to take into consideration that protection of these pieces of equipment is completely different from protection of vessels themselves. That is why the manufacturers - who did not perform their own testing of individual products on vertical conveyors - cannot know how their systems or products will behave on a particular vertical conveyor. The performed tests unequivocally show that results of vessel testing cannot be used for results focused on vertical conveyors.”

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