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Chilworth Launches Redesigned, Expanded Process Safety Academy

Article-Chilworth Launches Redesigned, Expanded Process Safety Academy

Chilworth Launches Redesigned, Expanded Process Safety Academy

Chilworth Technology, a DEKRA company, today announced the launch of its 2014 Process Safety Academy with redesigned and expanded training courses, innovative approaches to learning, and expanded support services to help its clients embed process safety excellence throughout their operations, globally, and at all levels.

“At Chilworth we define process safety excellence as having the right people, with the right skills, implementing appropriately designed process safety programs, motivated by the right organizational culture, in the right way,” said Vahid Ebadat, CEO of Chilworth North America. “Excellence in Process Safety is being genuinely proficient and competent in the requisite technical disciplines and having the appropriate levels of knowledge in embedded in key positions throughout the organization with a mechanism for longevity. Results are far reaching and include: protecting your workforce, facility, and the environment; ensuring security of supply; maintaining stakeholder confidence; complying with all local legislation and avoiding regulator intervention.”

The 2014 training services are expanded with a greater emphasis on tailored, in-company training, although Chilworth will continue to offer open, public courses globally. The redesigned and expanded Chilworth Academy covers all components of process safety and is structured around four core areas of proficiency:

CORE AREA 1: Understanding Process Safety Hazards
1. Process Safety Management (PSM) Essentials
2. Process Safety Information: The Cornerstone of PSM
3. Lessons from Accidents in Process Industries
4. Dust Explosions: Understanding, Prevention & Protection
5. Gas/Vapor Explosions: Understanding, Prevention & Protection
6. Chemical Reaction Hazards and Thermal Stability of Materials
7. Ignition Sources Including Electrostatics Hazards

CORE AREA 2: Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis
1. Practical Process Hazards Analysis
2. Consequence Modeling
3. Pre-Start up Safety Reviews (PSSR's)

CORE AREA 3: Hazard Mitigation and Management Programs
1. Protection against Deflagration (Vapors and Powders)
2. Classification and Management of Hazardous Areas
3. Design of Emergency Relief Systems
4. Occupied Buildings Risk Assessment
5. Creating a Mechanical Integrity Program
6. Creating a Management of Change Program

CORE AREA 4: Measuring Success
1. Incident Investigation: Methods & Case Studies
2. Efficient Process Safety Management systems auditing
3. Process Safety Metrics & Leading Indicators

The benefits of this structured approach to process safety education and training include:

* Programs will be highly tailored to each organization’s processes and sector/s as well as to an organization’s existing Process Safety Programs
* Global consistency
* Global delivery, yet tailored to meet specific local requirements (cultural and legal)
* Multilingual capability
* Confidential
* Cost-effective for larger numbers
* Gateway to process safety “Support on Demand”

In-house classroom training is tailored to the level, depth, and type of knowledge requirements: board/senior management, engineering/operational management and operator training; and is supported and enhanced by a number of options to meet an organization’s needs:

* Coaching and mentoring
* On-site training (1:1, 1:team)
* Project team engagement
* Follow-up training
* Competence assessment
* E-learning and webinar support
* Designated specialist telephone support

Chilworth serves clients throughout the agrochemical, chemical, engineering, food processing, government, insurance/legal, metals, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, and other industries. Chilworth has offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit www.chilworthglobal.com

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