Bucket Elevators for Explosive Applications

March 20, 2015

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Bucket Elevators for Explosive Applications
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Three main design features make TipTraks ideally suited to prevent the occurrence of explosions. These are: a polymer interlocking bucket assembly that is electrically conductive contiguous electrical grounding, explosion-proof motors, and explosion vent panels. Specific features of the conductive buckets and joint strips, and rubber chain means any possibility of ferrous sparking is eliminated, and the possibility of a buildup of a static charge is equally eliminated, meaning the absence of any potential for sparking during normal operation. Polyester rods are replaced with stainless steel to maintain electrical continuity for dissipation of any static as it may be generated. The TipTrak sections are all fitted with ground straps to further insure that the charge is drained off throughout the system. Explosive materials handled include: TNT, rocket propellant, black powder, ammonium nitrate, and sodium azide, as well as units operating in environments where there is a presence of explosive dusts and vapors exist.
UniTrak Corporation Ltd, Port Hope, ON, Canada 905-885-8168 www.unitrak.com

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