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September 13, 2006

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This month's pick of products

TKF.jpgRoller Curve Conveyor
This accumulation conveyor features non-contact, zero pressure accumulation that stages from the discharge end around virtually any degree of curve. The PosiGrip design is ideal for applications where non-contact between product is crucial. The accumulation zones are driven by motorized rollers, each with a drive card with settings to allow easy adjustment of speed. The drive roller stops as product reaches the photo-eye at the discharge point of the zone, virtually ensuring no contact. Zones can be individually controlled for pecific assembly areas and are available in various widths.
TKF Inc., Cincinnati, OH 513-241-5910

Temperature and Water Monitor
The SafeStorage Monitor allows you to sample water activity and temperature over time, making it possible to know exactly when conditions become unsafe. It allows customers to continuously monitor conditions in packaging, storage bins, silos, warehouses, etc. Monitoring water activity during shipments can reduce or eliminate the chance of expensive surprises. Testing different types of packaging materials under actual shipping and storage conditions allows customers to choose adequate packaging, saving them from costly overpackaging and spoilage costs.
Decagon Devices Inc., Pullman, WA 509-332-2756

Roof Systems
Environmentally compatible Conservatek Alumadome and Alumavault roof systems offer a solution to challenging bulk storage enclosure requirements. Aluminum roof systems are custom designed to accommodate clearance requirements, basin configurations and bulk handling equipment. The structurally efficient weight-to-strength ratio provides protection from the elements and reduced foundation costs. Utilizing the highest quality aluminum alloys throughout, the systems offer durability and low-maintenance costs. Company offers complete design, fabrication and installation.
Conservatek Industries Inc., Conroe, TX 936-539-1747

Heavy-Duty Shaft Seal Airlocks
Company offers a new heavy-duty shaft seal design for its PAV Series Airlocks. New abrasion-resistant packing rings provide additional wear resistance against abrasive powders and a more form-fitting, positive seal around the shaft where smoother shaft finishes reduce cutting action on the packing rings. Additional packing rings are included for sealing against higher internal valve pressures. Tighter tolerances provide better support for the packing and throttle air leakage from within the valve. Self-adjusting packing glands are replaced with manually adjusted packing glands capable of additional pressure.
Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 630-759-9595

High-Temperature Hose
This line of high-temperature hose is offered in single- and two-ply configurations that are extremely flexible and feature up to 10:1 compressibility. Flexaust Flex-Lok SF Series High-Temperature Hose features silicone silver fiberglass fabric that is mechanically crimped in a continuous process to create a “locked” construction that is flexible and compressible. Easier to move around than conventional silicone hose, it is offered in a single-ply version for service to 550ºF and a two-ply version with a gas-tight inner liner and a polyurethane wear strip for service to 600ºF.
The Flexaust Co. Inc., Warsaw, IN 800-343-0428

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