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Thar Process Expands to India to Serve Pharma Market

Supercritical CO2 extraction and purification equipment firm Thar Process is expanding its presence in India to serve the country's pharmaceutical purification market.

Thar Process Inc. - an American manufacturer of high-tech supercritical CO2 extraction and purification equipment - is proud to announce the signing of a new exclusive distribution deal with YMC India (a subsidiary of YMC Co. Ltd., JAPAN). YMC India will now provide Thar's supercritical extraction and chromatographic systems and expertise to the greater India region. 

Through this new partnership, Thar Process is furthering their overall mission to design, develop and distribute top-tier quality equipment for the food and pharmaceutical communities, with a dedication and responsibility as an industry leader to help push the emerging market forward and set a higher standard - what Thar calls "Sustainable + Trust." 

YMC India proudly leads India in sales of bulk chromatography media and industrial scale chromatography equipment to the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturing market. YMC Co. Ltd., JAPAN is internationally reputed for its strong background in stationary phases / chromatographic media for the pharmaceutical industry while also selling preparative to process-scale normal and reverse phase liquid chromatography (LC) equipment. 

While YMC India will continue to sell those systems, the Thar Process series of SuperFast CO2 Extraction(tm) and Isolator SFC(tm) systems expands their reach into a new markets including the extraction Ayurvedic natural medicines, essential oils, flavors, fragrances; the purification of hemp and palm oil plus chiral separations and impurity remediation for pharmaceuticals.

The partnership between Thar Process and YMC India brings together knowledgeable and experienced engineering with the highest level of pharmaceutical industry-specific expertise to further advance the evolving technology and provide innovative products to the South Asian market.

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