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November 1, 2006

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Technology Review

pbs0611p6a.jpgAnimal Repeller
YardGard pest animal repeller deters raccoons from rummaging through garbage, dogs and cats from abusing yards, and deer from ravaging grounds and gardens. The electronic control device protects up to 4000 sq ft from pest animal damage in buildings, rooftops, warehouses, or other commercial, municipal, or industrial sites. This ready-to-use, portable one-pound unit is easy to install anywhere with keyhole slot mounts. The discreet deep-green colored unit blends with any outdoor décor and measures just 6.75 × 5.25 × 3.5 in. for an inconspicuous fit. Choose continuous operation or motion-sensor operation to activate only when pests move into the coverage zone. Powerful sonic and ultrasonic sound frequency (15–25 kHz) is adjustable depending on the pest. The weatherproof unit features a snap-on raincover to protect the controls. The dual-operation unit plugs into AC or uses four C batteries.
Bird-X Inc., Chicago, IL 800-662-5021

pbs0611p6b.jpgWeigh Feeders
The Model 407 Series of Weight-Loss Weigh Feeders features a compact design with a small footprint, resulting in low overall space requirements. Yet, the series is versatile, offering a variety of different metering mechanisms capable of metering a broad range of even the most difficult-handling dry solids materials. They incorporate the same robust design as the company’s other weigh feeders, featuring a high-resolution, non-load cell–based weighing mechanism that never requires field calibration or adjustment. The feeders are designed for the industrial environment and unconditionally guaranteed for five full years.
Acrison Inc., Moonachie, NJ 201-440-8300

pbs0611p6c.jpgPressure Transducers
Company manufactures Schaevitz-brand pressure transducers for the harshest environmental conditions. The units provide maximum resolution at the required measured pressure range. These transmitters are built using rugged bonded foil strain gauge (BFSG) technology. The key to this capability is a pressure overload protection for the diaphragm, called the over travel stop (OTS). OTS enables the sensing element to handle a minimum of five-times full scale over-range pressure spikes without damage or drift. The pressure transmitters allow users to order based on the target range without fear of damage due to spikes. For example, instead of ordering a 5000 psi device to measure pressure in the 500 to 1,000 psi range with spikes of 5,000–10,000 psi, a user can specify a Schaevitz BFSG transducer rated to 1000 psi.
Measurement Specialties Inc., Hampton VA 757-766-1500

pbs0611p6d.jpgRotor Mills and Dryers
Company develops materials for abrasive applications on rotormills and rotordryers. The systems consist of tungsten carbide tiles brazed to grinding plates, which provide increased wear and have a wide operating-temperature range. They are useful in drying applications.
IPEC, Pennsauken, NJ 856-665-4007

Mobile Access Platform pbs0611p7c.jpg
The mobile access platform is designed to position workers over tank manways. Constructed of heavy-duty aircraft aluminum, the portable ladder access system is lightweight and mobile. Urethane wheels are included to allow the ladder to be positioned in the work area by one person. By use of a hand-operated winch, it can be adjusted to varying heights for accessing differing tanker trucks. At the top of the ladder is an adjustable work platform and guardrail enclosure.
Flexible Lifeline Systems, Houston, TX 800-778-9048

pbs0611p10a.jpgCompressed-Air System Controller
The Sigma Air Manager Basic (SAM Basic) offers the latest technology for optimizing compressed-air system performance in small to medium installations. This energy-saving master controller provides excellent pressure-band control. SAM Basic balances service hours, tracks preventive maintenance requirements, prevents simultaneous motor starts, can be adapted to almost any system, and can manage up to four compressors or vacuum pumps—including multiple types and differing brands. It also connects to dryers, filters, and drains to monitor their operating or maintenance status.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873

pbs0611p12a.jpgVacuum Receivers
CSR-series vacuum receivers feature a modular stainless-steel design that allows these units to be reconfigured to accommodate future production requirements. Units are available in different configurations and sized for material throughput ranging from just a few pounds to thousands of pounds per hour. All CSR-series models feature heavy-duty 304 stainless-steel construction with a brushed finish. No tools are needed to remove the hopper cover with its quick-release design. Most CSR models offer a unique discharge throat and counterweighted flapper. An integral level switch ensures material supply, while extra mounting holes in the flange allow for 12 different mounting orientations. The electrical junction box has moveable mounting brackets, and material inlet/outlet connectors are interchangeable.
Colortronic North America Inc., Flint, MI 810-720-7300

pbs0611p13c.jpgConveyor Test Loop
Designed to give prospective customers the opportunity to identify the behavior of their specific containers on a wide variety of conveyor types prior to system design and installation, the Conveyor Test Loop helps assure risk-free start-ups. It handles full and empty, round and nonround, stable and unstable containers made of plastic, metal, glass, and composite materials at speeds from 100 to more than 1000 containers per minute. It offers a combination of tabletop and mat-top conveyors as well as tab corners, magnetic corners, and dynamic-transfer corners.
Priority One Packaging Ltd., Waterloo, ON, Canada 800-387-9102

pbs0611p15a.jpgSResin Crystallizer
The APK-series resin crystallizer converts other amorphous plastics into semicrystalline ones so that a subsequent drying sequence is possible. In the process, the material is kept heated with constant motion by using an agitator during the crystallization phase, which prevents the clumping of the material during crystallization. Maximum throughputs for the APK 50–600 range are from 160 to 1764 lb/hr, with an operating voltage of 460/3/60. The APK 1000 and APK 2000 can be configured to meet specific processing needs. All APK-series crystallizers are designed for 24-hour operation and meet all CE requirements.
AEC Inc., Wood Dale, IL 630-595-1060

pbs0611p15b.jpgCircular Sight Glass Fittings
A complete line of circular weld-on sight glass fittings makes it possible to directly view the internals of pressure vessels, silos, gear trains, pipelines, etc. in high-pressure applications. Model DIN 28120 standard fittings are available in six sizes with viewing diameters ranging from 80 to 225 mm and pressure ratings up to 235 psi—depending on size—with higher ratings available upon request. Fittings in this line meet high-temperature applications as well. Standard units equipped with borosilicate glass or Metaglas safety-glass windows can operate at temperatures up to 536°F, or 302°F with soda-lime glass. Even higher temperature ratings are available upon request.
L.J. Star Inc., Twinsburg, OH 330-405-3040

pbs0611p15c.jpgContinuous Wet Particle Size Analyzer
Many industrial particle sizing applications require continuous measurement of particle size in liquid streams. The Insitec LPS is designed for continuous industrial use at- or on-line. It delivers accurate, reproducible measurements in a wide range of process streams, from highly concentrated mineral slurries to lipid emulsions. Each component—sampler, pre-diluter, cascade diluter, measurement cell, and software—can be tailored to the process, tackling even the most challenging applications. With abrasion-resistant self-cleaning sapphire windows, a purge to prevent condensation, no calibration, and little maintenance, it is suited for 24/7 operation. Integration with existing control platforms and customized data presentation are straightforward.
Malvern Instruments, Southborough, MA 508-460-9692

pbs0611p15d.jpgAir-Demand Analysis Program
This complete compressed air system audit uses state-of-the-art data loggers and precision sensors to create a detailed air usage profile for each specific facility. It monitors and charts air flow, power consumption, system pressures, and air quality during normal operating hours over a period of 10 days. Available for systems large and small, this tool creates a complete picture of air requirements, including the relationship between peak and base load compressors and each compressor’s duty cycle. With this data, one of the company’s trained specialists can easily identify areas for improvement and, if necessary, recommend equipment upgrades. Most equipment can be quickly and easily installed without interrupting daily plant operations. The results can be used for long-term planning, saving energy, and improving productivity.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873

pbs0611p16a.jpgBulk Bag Unloader
Modular Forceflo options, in conjunction with the receiving hopper’s integral agitator and feed auger, help consistently feed material from a bulk bag into process equipment. The integral load cells and control package provide loss-in-weight batching capabilities for the material directly from the bulk bag. When an empty bag is replaced with a new filled bag, the controls retain the weight information and automatically dispense the proper amount of material to complete the batch weighment. The controls of the Forceflo bag-massaging options are interconnected with the material-flow-promotion devices in the receiving hopper to prevent the material from bridging or ratholing when the customer’s process equipment automatically calls for material.
NBE Inc., Holland, MI 616-738-7248

pbs0611p16b.jpgScreen and Centrifuge Monitoring System
Company offers the Vibromac 100 and 200 vibration monitoring and controls system for its screen and centrifuge product line. The system utilizes a series of sensors that are mounted at critical locations on the equipment to sense motion, energy, temperature, and other performance parameters. Monitoring is accomplished by wiring the sensors into the Vibromac controls, where information can then be transferred via a wireless or hard-wire connection to the CP-3 hardware platform. The collected data are sent from the CP-3 to a Web page for viewing.
Schenck Process, Leetsdale PA 724-266-2667

pbs0611p21a.jpgLoss-in-Weight Vibrating-Tray Feeder
New features provide improved flexibility, accuracy, range ability, scale lockout protection, and cleanability for this loss-in-weight vibrating-tray feeder. The low-rate feeder incorporates new techniques in dynamic weighing offered by the DigiMASS-2 twin-vibrating-wire load cell and resonant-frequency control with amplitude feedback to linearize the feed-rate control over a wide feed-rate range up to 100:1.
Brabender Technologie Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada 888-284-4574

pbs0611p21b.jpgExplosion-Protected Cameras
The EX70 series is a new suite of certified explosion-protected cameras and infrared illuminators for hazardous environments. The cameras are CSA/UL certified to Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, and D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, and G; and temperature code T6, the safest available rating. They are available with LXR mechanical filter technology, a 550 TVL sensor, and optional integrated day-night design. They minimize risk and maximize safety at hazardous locations, including oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, and agricultural installations.
Extreme CCTV Inc., Burnaby, BC, Canada 604-420-7711

pbs0611p22a.jpgUltra-Sanitary Batch Sifter
This FDA-, USDA-, and CGMP-compliant batch sifter meets the most stringent food, dairy, and pharmaceutical standards. It features a stainless-steel housing, motor, stand, tri-clover inlet and outlet flanges, vertical quick-disconnect clamps, and continuously ground and polished welds. A new gap-free flange, where the housing interlocks with the screen ring, eliminates space where material would otherwise collect.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140

pbs0611p23a.jpgSpark Detection/Extinguishment System
This spark detection and extinguishment system reduces risk of dust fires and explosions in pneumatic conveying systems by detecting and extinguishing sparks before they reach the filter. The new CC7000 system provides more expandability, features, flexibility, and value. It is expandable to more than 100 zones. New features increase flexibility, expanding the number of custom configurations to reduce costs and provide more value.
GreCon, Tigard, OR 503-641-7731

pbs0611p23b.jpgDual Vibratory Feeder and Screener Motors
Use of two vibratory motors to power a line of small- and large-capacity twin rotary vibratory feeders and screeners assure economic and energy-efficient operation for added reliability, gentler handling, and optimum flexibility. Twin rotary vibratory units are ideal for a variety of applications, from food to industrial, salt, batteries, chemicals, fertilizer, glass cullet, metal powders, soap and detergents, ceramics, and a variety of other materials. They are typically used when applications are beyond the scope of an electromagnetic drive and in particular when units require lengths in excess of five ft and widths greater than 18 in. Material is processed at speeds that vary from 50 to 3500 cu ft/hour.
Gough Econ, Charlotte, NC 800-264-6844

pbs0611p23c.jpgOutside Face Seal
The outside face seal (OFS) has a single-face design that was originally conceived for high-temperature and high-speed applications where double-face seals can overheat and fail. The OFS is ideal for the containment of vapors in vertical-shaft vessels and operates without a purge or flush system. The design maintains constant seal-face pressure as components wear. The OFS is particularly suited to top-entry agitators, where long, cantilevered shafts can exhibit high runout and angular misalignment.
Woodex Bearing Co., Georgetown, ME 800-526-8800

pbs0611p26a.jpgHeat Exchangers
Custom-designed and manufactured plate-fin and spiral-wrapped-fin heat exchangers are available for hot water and oils, steam, and specialty coil applications. Materials are available in copper, aluminum, Cu/Ni, carbon steel, and stainless steel in tube sizes from 3¼8 in. OD to 1 in. OD and fin thicknesses up to 0.02 in. Spiral-wrapped-fin options are edge wound, L-foot, and embedded. Coil certifications are available for ASME, CRN, ARI, UL, CSA, and N-Stamp applications.
Super Radiator Coils, Chaska, MN 800-394-2645

pbs0611p26b.jpgAir-Pressure-Valve Packer
The Model A1000 electronic air-pressure packer utilizes a load cell and a user-friendly Model AD-5000 digital weigh indicator/controller for bagging fine, medium, and coarse dry materials. This model offers production rates of 4 to 8 bags/min with weight accuracy of ±4–5 oz (2 sigma) at proper fluidization and uniform control of head pressure. It features a large access window to aid in changing out the disseminator, has a full bottom-chamber cover for easy cleanout, dual filling speeds (bulk and dribble), and a dust collection connection. The A1000 provides accurate weighing to eliminate giveaway, lowers maintenance costs, and increases production.
VIC Systems International Inc., Shawnee Mission, KS 800-255-0445

pbs0611p26c.jpgDosing Screw Feeder
The tube frame construction of the PosiPortion feeder makes it a convenient platform for component stacking without the need for auxiliary supports. Product flow into the dosing screw is assured by means of opposing paddles that massage the walls of the flexible hopper. Access for cleaning, maintenance, and changeover is quick and easy. The advanced gravimetric electronics also provide for “weightless” calibration and remote diagnostics.
Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260

pbs0611p27c.jpgPaddle Mixers
Phlauer high-performance paddle mixers and mixing systems are customized to meet specific customer needs. Single- and double-rotor mixers mix to a Cv of 5 and a standard deviation of 0.5 percent in 30 seconds with a double mixer and 60 seconds with a single mixer. There is no heat or shear unless added. If aggression is required to make your product, Phlauer-Tech Shearmakers are available.
A&J Mixing International Inc., Oakville, ON, Canada 800-668-3470

The USL airlock has been designed for the metering and pneumatic conveying of products in powder and granular form. Standard features include square inlet and outlet flanges, high filling efficiency, sheared angle inlet, and minimum air leakage. The valves are ideal for vacuum conveying applications, bulk bag unloading, cyclone applications, and general-purpose applications. They are available in three consecutive sizes: 8, 10, and 12 in., covering a capacity range of .19 to .67 CFR at 100 percent filling. They are available in cast iron and stainless steel.
DMN Inc., Memphis, TN 901-360-1537

pbs0611p28b.jpgFluid-Bed Batch Dryer
This circular vibratory fluid-bed processing system dries small batches of bulk solid materials at high temperatures. The self-contained system integrates an 18-in.-diam fluid-bed processor with heater, blower, cyclone separator, and controls and is ready for connection to a material inlet/outlet and power source. Intended for small-volume production and laboratory or pilot-plant testing, the system dries batches up to 1 cu ft. At the end of each drying cycle, a valve at the spout of the fluid-bed chamber opens automatically to evacuate the batch. The system includes an optional high-temperature package that allows drying at temperatures up to 600°F.
Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140

pbs0611p28c.jpgTwin-Shaft Crusher
The Model DC1200 delumper crusher offers powerful twin-shaft crushing capabilities in a compact configuration. It unit-crushes, chops, and destroys lumps, chunks, coal, cement, limestone, and more, reducing them to their basic grain size. It freshens and enhances product quality and eliminates flow impediments. The DC1200 measures only 8 in. from inlet to outlet. The twin-shaft design produces a high impact force with low power usage. The unit features a direct gear drive, one-piece crushing rotors, stationary bar grating, self-cleaning action, a choice of shaft seals, and a durable fabricated housing with machined flanges for easy connections to ducts, hoppers, conveyors, bag unloaders, or systems.
Franklin Miller Inc., Livingston, NJ 973-535-9200

pbs0611p31a.jpgCapsule/Tablet Conveyor
Conveying up to and more than 2500 capsules, gel caps, and coated tablets per minute, this vacuum conveyor gently delivers the product to the capsule-filling machine or packaging machine. As the operator empties boxes into the floor-standing bin, the system conveys the product to the process without any damage or separation of the empty caps.
Vac-U-Max, Belleville, NJ 973-759-4600

pbs0611p31c.jpgBag-In/Bag-Out Dust Collector
The Gold-series Camtain dust collector provides safe-change containment of hazardous dusts in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. It uses a bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) access door and dust discharge system that have been fully surrogate tested to ensure optimum protection of employees and indoor environments. Applications for this collector include pill presses, tablet coating, fluid-bed dryers, spray dryers, and general room ventilation. It can be used wherever containment of hazardous dust is required in pharmaceutical plants. Design features include rugged construction, vertically mounted filters that eliminate uneven dust loading, and a high-entry crossflow inlet that reduces re-entrainment of fine dust particles.
Farr Air Pollution Control, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801

pbs0611p32a.jpgShuttle Conveyor
The Flat-Flex shuttle conveyor is designed to gap the product and turn its direction of travel through 90°. It is ideal for the transferring of a product from a narrow-size belt to a much wider belt or vice versa, depending on the specified stroke of the shuttle. For example, a custom-made short stroke makes it possible to transfer products from a wide belt to a narrow belt. A variable-speed electric motor drive is standard; other drive options are available.
Wire Belt Co. of America, Londonderry, NH 603-644-2500

pbs0611p33a.jpgCylindrical Vacuum Dryers
Company has introduced a new line of cylindrical dryers for the chemical process industries. The unit shown is a 150-cu-ft model that dries specialty chemicals. Internal agitation consists of an improved paddle design, set at opposing angles, to ensure that the materials being dried are continuously exposed to the jacketed surface area of the trough and endplates. The cylindrical dryer line can include a variety of construction materials such as Hastelloy and stainless steel, full-vacuum and internal-pressure operation, dimpled and baffled jackets on the trough sides and endplates to 200 psig, polished surfaces up to a mirror finish, and special discharge valves such as flush plug, spherical, slide gate, etc. Designs are available from 1 to more than 500 cu ft.
Charles Ross and Son Co., Hauppauge, NY 800-243-7677

pbs0611p35c.jpgSemi-Dense-Phase Conveyor
Available in 1- or 2-in. models, the CPP-series semi-dense-phase conveyor is a low-velocity pneumatic conveying system designed to move a variety of difficult powdered materials cleanly and efficiently. Powered by compressed air, it moves large volumes of powder—up to 25 cu ft/hr with the 1-in. model and up to 100 cu ft/hr with the 2-in. model—at distances up to 200 equivalent feet. For applications requiring greater conveying rates, multiple units can be operated in sequence.
Colortronic North America Inc., Flint, MI 810-720-7300

pbs0611p36a.jpgConveyor System
The Quickdraw Q2-series conveyor saves the end-user costs by eliminating expensive control panels, software, and metering stops. It was developed to provide a control system that can offer communication-based transfer of pallets and product between work cells. It offers users the “Queue Advantage,” designed specifically to optimize efficient throughput, maximize output on the production line, and reduce operational control costs. It has a 50 percent smaller footprint than other conveyor systems and generates less debris for transport systems used in clean environments, extending the life of the conveyor system by operating only when product transfer is underway.
MagStar Technologies Inc., Minnetonka, MN 800-473-8837

pbs0611p37a.jpgLift-and-Place Pallet Dispenser
This lift-and-place pallet stacker and dispenser runs damaged pallets and handles them gently to prevent further damage during stacking and indexing. It utilizes a side clamp design that grips and lifts the stack from the bottom pallet, allowing it to feed independently from the stack. This device maintains pallet integrity while smoothly indexing less-than-perfect pallets with raised nails or loose boards.
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL 800-237-5975

pbs0611p37b.jpgIndustrial Vacuums
The CFM 08 series of industrial vacuums is designed to assist coatings industry companies in ensuring cleanliness and stability in their operations. These three-phase HEPA-filtered vacuums—including the CFM 3308, CFM 3508, CFM 3508W, and CFM 3558—safely collect and retain fine-powder pigments from powder coating operations. Featuring clog-resistant filters, quiet-run motors, and interchangeable attachments for fast, continuous cleaning, the vacuums prevent cross-contamination and color bleeding, while enabling managers to increase productivity.
Nilfisk-Advance America Inc., Malvern, PA 610-647-6420

pbs0611p37c.jpgBulk Filling System with Drum Dumper
This bulk filling system with high-lift drum dumper automatically transfers bulk solid materials from drums to the machine’s fill head dust-free, fills pails by weight, and verifies fill weight accuracy. Drums are loaded at floor level onto a platen that lifts hydraulically to form a dust-tight seal between the drum lip and gasketted discharge cone. The entire drum carriage elevates hydraulically, then tips, causing the discharge cone to mate with a gasketted receiving ring on the filling machine’s surge hopper lid. A slide gate valve at the cone spout is then actuated, allowing material to fill the hopper with no dusting.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426

pbs0611p39a.jpgScrew Feeder
Available in screw diameters from 1¼2 to 6 in. and feed rates up to 600 cu ft/hr, AccuFeed composite screw feeders provide accuracies of ±1–2 percent through volumetric feeding with controlled vibration. Easy to maintain and clean, they are FDA and USDA sanitary compliant and feature a modular design that enables a single unit to adapt to a broad range of feeding applications involving both free-flowing and tough-to-handle materials, including pellets, flakes, powders, and fibers. The feeders are also suited to loss-in-weight feed applications for even greater accuracy.
Vibra Screw Inc., Totowa, NJ 973-256-7410

pbs0611p39b.jpgHeat Exchanger
The Bulkflow heat exchanger uses mass flow and a bank of evenly spaced vertical hollow plates connected to a cooling-water system to effectively cool bulk powder. Besides a wide variety of powders, other materials that can be heated or cooled include pellets, granules, and other bulk solids. It combines two technologies: heat transfer through moving beds of solids, and the mass flow of bulk solids. The equipment consists of a number of vertical, closely spaced, hollow stainless-steel plates. Bulk solids or powders pass slowly downward between the plates as heat-transfer fluid flows through the interior of the plates to heat or cool the material by conduction.
Bulkflow Technologies, Calgary, AB, Canada 403-254-3500

pbs0611p40a.jpgPositive-Displacement Blower Packages
These positive-displacement blower packages come in pressure, vacuum, and combination models to accommodate any dilute-phase pneumatic conveying situation and the heat sensitivity of the conveyed material. They are completely self-contained for easy installation and feature heavy-duty frames and adjustable motor bases, as well as inlet and outlet silencers for a quieter working environment, indoors or out. For safe operation, each package has an air filter, relief valve, pressure gauge, and check valve.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777

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