February 1, 2008

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Technology Review

pbs0802p8a.jpgJet Mill
The Open Manifold Design (OMD) Micronizer offers a solution to herbicide, pesticide, and insecticide manufacturers that require flexibility for the size reduction of multiple products. The OMD eliminates any hidden areas and allows the mill to be completely dis­assembled for cleaning. Having access to all internal areas allows the user to switch products without the risk of contamination and reduces turnaround time between the different powders. The mill can typically produce particle-size distributions between 1 and 20 µm.
Sturtevant Inc., Hanover, MA 800-992-0209 www.sturtevantinc.com

pbs0802p9a.jpgBulk Bag Discharging System
The patented Material Master bulk bag discharging system offers features that maximize production efficiency. A Sure-Seal pneumatic spout clamp system ensures dust-tight operation, while a Flo-Master massaging system ensures positive material flow. A rigid screw conveyor with twin inlet hopper agitators delivers consistent conveying performance. A Flo-Lock discharge gate halts product flow for partial bag discharging.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com

pbs0802p9b.jpgCollect and Convey System
This automated C&C dust-collect and convey system captures nuisance dust from silo-filling operations and automatically sends it back to the source silo. Each unit mates an efficient pulse-jet dust collector with a dense-phase pneumatic conveyor and has onboard controls for automatic operation. There is no need to empty dust from the hopper. The unit can be used to collect any dust. Because the entire installation resides beside the silo at ground level, there is no need to climb to the top of the silo, maximizing safety.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

pbs0802p9c.jpgPharmaceutical-Grade Labeling System
This labeling system is designed specifically for the needs of pharmaceutical companies. System options include a vision system by Systec, Allen Bradley PLC control, a color touch screen operator interface, and a full validation package. The system can label a variety of oval plastic and glass containers from 75 to 450 ml at speeds up to 450 ppm. The unit shown also features all-stainless-steel construction, a sanitary style conveyor, a bar code scanner, an eject station with eject verification, and a Video Jet laser imprinter for the date and lot number on each label.
Quadrel Labeling Systems, Mentor, OH 800-321-8509 www.quadrel.com

pbs0802p13c.jpgSound Control Blankets
These QBV sound control blankets can be easily cut to suspend from a floor-mounted frame around a stationary noise source such as a compressor, grinder, tumbler, generator, HVAC system, or punch press. The blankets are cut into 54-in.-wide strips that suspend vertically around the noise source. The top is grommeted for easy vertical suspension. The sides are Velcro seamed for interconnection. To make the enclosure system work for virtually any industrial noise source, the blankets can receive holes, windows, slits, strip curtains, cutouts, Velcroed patches, etc.
NetWell Noise Control, Minneapolis, MN 800-638-9355 www.esoundproof.com

pbs0802p14a.jpgBattery-Powered Vacuum Station
This battery-powered vacuum station is suitable for handling nonporous loads in hold-down devices and lifting applications where ac power is not available. The VFP-57-dc battery-powered vacuum station includes a heavy-duty rechargeable 12-V, 12-A automotive battery and an integrated 1.5-A charger. It features a 2.2 cu ft/min piston pump that is driven by a 1/3-hp motor, a vacuum check valve, a reservoir, and a vacuum-pump control system. Equipped with an ergonomic handlebar and a push­button control pendant with an 8-ft coiled cord, the station includes front-mounted controls, gauges, and indicator lights.
Anver Corp., Hudson, MA 800-654-3500 www.anver.com

pbs0802p15a.jpgVacuum System Controls
ELC vacuum loading system controls are available in two configurations: the ELC-M for use with self-contained loaders and the ELC-16 for single-pump central vacuum systems with up to 16 receivers. Either model provides precise digital accuracy and repeatability. The units install and power up in minutes, giving users access to basic loader functions through a standard display or enabling them to add and adjust functions with an optional ControlMate pendant. ELC functions are controlled by push buttons on the unit’s built-in display, with system status shown on LED indicator lights and equipment icons. Both the ELC-M unit, which mounts on self-contained motor loaders, and the ELC-16 unit, which mounts on receivers served by a central vacuum system, offer two standard control functions: on-off and load-time adjustment.
Conair, Pittsburgh, PA 412-312-6000 www.conairgroup.com

pbs0802p15b.jpgPortable Vehicle Scale
The Talon HV-series portable vehicle scale is constructed with multiple 10- and 12-in. structural steel I-beams. These massive supports, coupled with a high deflection rating, produce an extremely rigid and durable portable weighbridge.
Fairbanks Scales, Kansas City, MO 816-448-4288 www.fairbanks.com

pbs0802p15c.jpgHeat Exchanger
The fully enclosed and totally sealed Bulkflow heat exchanger eliminates dirt or contamination concerns and provides excellent control of food-grade products. The unit indirectly heats or cools free-flowing powders and bulk solids such as sugar or salt. Unlike many other types of bulk solids coolers, it has zero air emissions, lowers energy consumption, and reduces capital costs because it does not require fans or large volumes of air and lets gravity do the work, reducing power consumption. The system’s static design, which has no moving parts, also ensures gentle product handling. Its safe, compact design makes it easy to integrate with existing equipment, resulting in low installation, maintenance, and capital costs. Each application is tailored to meet individual food manufacturing requirements and is easy to integrate with existing equipment.
Bulkflow Technologies Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada 403-254-3500 www.bulkflow.com

pbs0802p15d.jpgRoller Compactors, Granulators, and Shredders
This company offers a complete line of dry-agglomeration and size-reduction products, including pharmaceutical and chemical roller compactors, moist and rotor fine granulators, and high-capacity shredders. A modular process system combines granulation, grating, shredding, and mixing in a single unit.
Alexanderwerk Inc., Horsham PA 215-442-0270 www.alexanderwerkinc.com

pbs0802p19a.jpgPulse-Jet Filters
These pulse-jet air filters are custom built for efficient, economical operation in demanding applications. Particulate-laden air is directed toward a deflector, which causes heavier particles to fall directly into the collection hopper. Lighter airborne particles collect on the outside surfaces of the internal bag filters. Filtered air exits the unit. Sequential bursts of compressed air dislodge dust on the surfaces of the bag filters so that the dust also falls into the hopper.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com

pbs0802p19b.jpgMulticlasp Padlock
This multiclasp padlock for lock-out/tag-out procedures features a standard fixed-width hasp shape and a highly visible safety color-coded polyester powder-coated finish. It has room for six individual padlocks, allowing multiple workers to lock off the same machine. The lock will not open until each separate padlock has been removed, ensuring that the locked-off equipment cannot be reactivated until all personnel have completed their work and safe operation can continue.
Castell Iso-Lok, London, UK +44 208 5111883 www.castell.com

pbs0802p19c.jpgLabel Printers
This company offers a new stand-alone label printing station that can be remotely operated and perform many software functions using a keyboard with no computer attached once label formats are downloaded from a computer. Users can download label formats, graphics, and databases to the printer’s Flash memory (or a CompactFlash card), disconnect the printer from the PC, plug in a standard PC keyboard, and take the printer to another location. Using the keyboard, users can input data, specify the number of labels to print, and merge database information into a chosen format—without a computer attached. H-Series printers provide excellent security because a format downloaded to the Flash memory cannot be altered without reattaching the printer to a PC.
Tharo Systems Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-878-6833 www.tharo.com

pbs0802p19d.jpgSize-Reduction Bag-Dump Station
The company’s hoppers can be fitted with an efficient lump remover and a choice of three types of conveyors: flexible screw, tubular drag, and pneumatic. These bag-dump stations also operate independently of external exhaust networks, contribute to worker comfort and safety, and reduce the size of material. Similar size-reduction units are also available on bulk bag unloaders.
Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260 www.ideasthatmove.com

pbs0802p21c.jpgBulk-Bag Discharger
This bulk-bag discharger features modular construction that enables retro­spective installation into existing production areas and a reduction in transportation costs. The safety and operational enhancements from this concept include spout locking, liner tensioning, bag massaging, vibration, portable frames, integral hoists, and loss-in-weight systems. Complete systems are available including integral dust collection, bag dump stations, and downstream-feed devices such as rotary airlocks, screw feeders, flexible screws, and aeromechanical conveyors.
Carolina Conveying Inc., Canton, NC 828-235-1005 www.carolinaconveying.com

pbs0802p27c.jpgIntegrated Motor Control
This compact, fully integrated fly-by-wire electronic controller, motor, and gearbox can open and close hoppers, valves, and other equipment; steer AGVs, fork trucks, and powerboats; and raise and lower antennas or other devices. Developed for battery-powered equipment, the unit features a controller, a high-efficiency brushless dc motor, and a two-stage planetary gearbox. Capable of being mounted in any orientation, the fully integrated brushless servo system covers operating voltages from 24 to 48 V dc, provides 35 to 235-N·m peak torque depending on the model, and uses the CANopen communications protocol.
Sevcon Inc., Southborough, MA 508-281-5500 www.sevcon.com

pbs0802p29c.jpgRupture Disks
Axius SC rupture disks are designed for the stringent sanitary and aseptic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Free of any indentations or crevices that may trap process contaminants, the disks are designed for most clean-in-place and steam-in-place applications, making them ideal for food and beverage applications as well. Through the application of the company’s proprietary G2 technology, the rupture disks feature a “line of weakness” on the dome of the disk instead of a score line. There are no stress zones that can fatigue and no tool marks or indentations on the process side of any of the disks.
Fike Corp., Blue Springs, MO 816-229-3405 www.fike.com

pbs0802p29d.jpgSanitary Container Dumper
This unit accepts a container of fine powdered material at floor level and discharges the contents into an existing hopper at 60 in. above floor level. A patented control link rotation system completely inverts the container for maximum product discharge. A Lift & Seal System seals the container to the pour hood for a clean work environment and enhanced product purity. The unit features a continuously welded tubular frame with no penetrations and a polished-stainless-steel pour hood with a removable butterfly valve for easy sanitation. It is available with discharge heights up to 40 ft or for any size drum or container. Units are custom designed to application requirements.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com

pbs0802p34a.jpgArrowhead Pulley Lagging
Arrowhead ceramic lagging has been redesigned for high-wear, high-tension applications. The shortened and thicker tile size prevents tile breakage, while a thicker layer of neoprene rubber encases the ceramic on all sides to ensure a superior bond between the rubber, ceramic tiles, and pulley shell. The 10-in.-wide strips with a 21/4-in. repeating pattern install easily. The tiles last longer than rubber or polyurethane lagging while making the lagging more resilient and abrasion resistant.
ASGCO Manufacturing Inc., Allentown, PA 800-344-4000 www.asgco.com

pbs0802p34b.jpgDust Collection Systems
This company manufactures dust collection systems that perform a wide range of dry processing applications in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, seed, and other industries. The Gold-series cartridge collector carries a 12-year warranty and is equipped with HemiPleat filter technology. Cartridge filters for retrofit applications are also available.
Farr APC, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801 www.farrapc.com

pbs0802p34c.jpgParticle Size Analyzer
With a refined user-friendly design, the Insitec Voyager is designed for mobile particle-size analysis within the process environment. Smaller and lighter than the original unit, it can be operated at- or on-line, providing real-time analysis where and when required. A laser diffraction–based particle-size analyzer for dry streams containing particles in the size range of 1 to 1000 µm, the instrument is an integral part of the company’s consultancy service; it is used to demonstrate in situ the potential of continuous process analysis. The design of the unit has evolved in response to solicited customer feedback and increasing demand for consultancy services. Built for single-person operation, the unit is easily dismantled for transportation and can be assembled without the use of hand tools. Simple to connect to the process and easy to clean, it is equipped with more communications options than the original model.
Malvern Instruments Inc., Westborough, MA 508-768-6400 www.malvern.com

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