Silo Weight Monitoring and Control

June 12, 2014

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Silo Weight Monitoring and Control

Scale-Tron Inc. announces a major upgrade of the SiloWeigh.Net inventory management and control system that monitors the weight of material in silos or vessels located across a very wide area. The information can be used to predict when deliveries will be necessary, even if the user is not aware of it, and allow appropriate action to be taken. For example, deliveries for the next day can be scheduled rather than reacting to urgent phone calls. In addition, the system is claimed to eliminate shutdowns due to empty silos as well as overfill and its environmental consequences.

Temperature compensated bolt-on strain-gauge sensors on the vessel’s legs or skirt send data via a digital transmitter at each vessel to the local area computer network, where graphical displays can be viewed on any computer. An overview shows all silos at the location and individual trend graphs can show the usage and refill patterns on any silo. Data is also transmitted via the Internet or, when Internet is not available, the cellular radio network, to the SiloWeigh.Net main database. This database allows data retrieval via a secure Internet site to show levels in all silos as well as trend graphs and alarm logs.

SiloWeigh.Net can be connected to company databases of customers, products, orders etc. as the basis for an advanced dispatching and tracking system. The system is applicable to production plants that cannot afford to run out of raw materials, suppliers who wish to improve dispatching efficiency and customers’ satisfaction, delivery checking, and inventory monitoring at outlying plants.

Benefits include easy installation and setup without climbing the silo, single digital cable to all silos, high accuracy and reliability, measurement of divided silos, optional alarm outputs, Email/text messaging of alarm levels, history tracking, and maintenance-free secure database.

Scale-Tron Inc., St. Laurent, QC, Canada 514-940-0337

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