December 19, 2007

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pbs0801p12a.jpgStainless-Steel Sampler
The I-S Model PS sampler is designed to provide repeatable and representative samples and can be left totally unattended. Key features include the following: All product contacts are Type 304 stainless steel; seals will withstand temperatures up to 550°F and pressures to 125 psig; the machined auger has no crevices or product hang-up points; tolerance between the tube and auger is 0.003 ensuring total cleanout of product; a limit switch ensures that the sampler will complete its cycle; a 5-in. bore cylinder is standard; sizes are available up to 14-in. round. The device can be used to sample microscopic powders to large granules and pellets, and a variety of materials of construction are available. It can be used in gravity flow, positive and negative lines, and dilute and dense phases.
InterSystems, Omaha, NE 866-495-9713

pbs0801p12c.jpgAir-Powered, Retractable Sampler
The Model RTA-2S is an air-powered retractable tube sampler for sampling granular products from a gravity or pneumatic conveying line. Fully automatic, the sampler delivers accurate, frequent samples with no metal-to-metal contact between parts. The unit ejects the sample with a controlled jet of air, and the sample tube is out of the process stream when at rest. The sampler has a polished Type 316L stainless-steel sample tube that is quickly removable from the sampler for easy cleaning.
QCEC, Des Moines, IA 515-266-2268

pbs0801p12b.jpgAutomatic Sampler for Pneumatic Conveying
The Model PR is designed for sampling bulk solids such as pellets, cement, chemicals, resins, and powders from dilute- and dense-phase pneumatic transfer lines. Features include an isolated sample tube that captures a fixed sample volume; rapid cycling that acquires a large volume of sample over a short period of time; a tube that retracts from the line to avoid any restriction in the product flow between sample cycles; and a design that can eliminate degradation of product.
Sentry Equipment Corp., Oconomowoc, WI 262-567-7256

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