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October 16, 2006

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Product Focus

pbs0610p5a.jpgRound Separators
The ME Series is designed for projects that require an almost unlimited range of vertical and horizontal action intensities. It features a variable-speed pulley and a motor mounted on an adjustable slide base for precise control of frequency, providing accurate material travel and increased production. The ME rotational system—known as flywheel balance cages—assures exact control of lift/throw components. These balance cages rotate on a variable-speed shaft, allowing for finer adjustment and more efficient screening over a fixed rpm. Off-center weights in the balance cages produce eccentric throw. While some weights are bolted in position, others drop freely over spacer pins. The movable weights make it easy to change flow patterns to accommodate variations of product specifications.
Midwestern Industries, Macon, GA 478-781-8725 www.midwesternind.com

pbs0610p5b.jpgContract Screening Services
Company has expanded its toll processing facility to offer separations on many different products. Customers can now send any quantity to be screened on the Tumbler Screener or the Kroosher Multi Frequency Screener, which specialize in difficult-to-screen products that cannot be screened efficiently on conventional screeners. Examples are sticky products that blind screens, static products that will not screen efficiently, very fine powder separations and delicate agglomerates that need to be gently screened.
Minox/Elcan, Mamaroneck, NY 800-283-5226 www.minox-elcan.com

pbs0610p5c.jpgChip Collector Magnets
Plastalloy chip collector magnets capture metal filings, chips and other ferrous materials that would otherwise damage downstream hydraulic components. They work in temperatures to 150°C, are oil resistant and are suitable for the extremes of most hydraulic fluid recirculation applications. Special pressure-sensitive adhesives are available to hold the magnets in place. Plastalloy can be magnetized using various magnetization methods, including conventional, two-poles each side, multiple-poles or with custom magnetization patterns to suit many demanding chip collector applications. Lead-free Plastalloy is RoHS and EN71 compliant, making it ideal for environmentally sensitive applications.
The Electrodyne Co. Inc., Batavia, OH 513-732-2822 www.edyne.com

pbs0610p8a.jpgAeromechanical Conveyor
The Floveyor aeromechanical conveyor transfers powders, granules, flakes and mixtures from/to hoppers, process vessels, blenders, bulk bags, bulk trucks, bulk railcars, etc. It offers an efficient transfer method, positioning at any incline angle, a totally enclosed system, quick loading of materials, reliability in operation, low horsepower usage and cost-effectiveness. Pictured is a Floveyor machine having a top drive motor location. It transfers a variety of powders (bulk densities ranging from 15 to 95 lbs/cu ft) from small bags into a hopper.
FloAero Inc., Encino, CA 818-789-0546 www.floaero.com

 pbs0610p8b.jpgCantilever Centrifugal Sifters
Cantilever centrifugal sifters are an efficient form of sifting due to their simple, straightforward design. They are easy to clean, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Whether your requirement is gravity, in-line pressure or in-line vacuum, cantilever sifters are available in a variety of models to fit virtually any application.
Kemutec Group Inc., Bristol, PA 215-788-8013 www.kemutec.com

pbs0610p8c.jpgRound Separator
The Vibro-Energy Round Separator is ideal for separating solids from liquids or segregating dry materials into various particle sizes. As many as four decks can be incorporated in one Sweco Separator for simultaneous classification into five fractions. Round separators are available in 18, 24, 30, 40, 48, 60 and 72-in. screen diameters.
Sweco, Florence, KY 859-727-5105 www.sweco.com

pbs0610p8d.jpgBulk Material Screener
The Blow Thru Sieve is for use in pneumatic conveying lines. It achieves throughputs of up to 60,000 lb/hr, enabling processors to check-screen and transport materials as they unload railcars, tankers and silos. It accurately removes oversize contamination to ensure that products meet precise specifications. Good product is allowed to pass through the vibrating mesh screen, while oversize material remains on top.
Russell Finex Inc., Pineville, NC 704-588-9808 www.russellfinex.com

pbs0610p10a.jpgOne-Way Rolling Blade Gate
The Rolling Blade Gate is a patented gate that offers superior sealing due to cam action; fast closing and opening; one internal moving part; curved blade to promote flow regulation; seals on the top, bottom and side of the gate, which help provide a seal for pressure or vacuum applications; cam action during blade closure, which forces the blade up into the seal at the closure point rather than running the blade along the seal; outboard bearings that protect the bearings from material contamination and provide a better shaft seal; and a curved blade design that allows the gate to be used as a metering valve. This gate is ideal for most applications where a rolling slide gate is used if headroom is available.
Pebco Inc., Paducah, KY 270-442-1996 www.pebco.com

Slide-Rite Gearboxes are now offered in 3:2 and 2:1 gear ratios and metric versions in 1:1 ratios. Featuring Endurance Technology, they consist of two 45-degree helical gears that mesh at right angles and turn power at 90 degrees. The slide-through shafting allows the device to slide axially along keyed shafts in either direction, limited only by the length of the keyway. This type of floating design allows for easy installation and fast changeover. The gearboxes also maintain perfect alignment, eliminating the need for dangerous chain sprocket drives and additional adjustments required for chain drive applications.
Tol-O-Matic Inc., Hamel, MN 800-328-2174 www.tolomatic.com

pbs0610p10c.jpgIn-Line Particle Size Analyzer
The new Parsum IPP70 in-line particle size analyzer is a new addition to the Parsum range. Based on the theory of spatial filter velocimetry, the IPP70 measures particulate materials in the size range 50 to 6,000 microns. Robust and easy to use, it is suitable for the continuous monitoring of a range of unit operations, including wet and dry granulation, coating and spray drying. The probe is inserted directly into a process line or vessel. It has been used successfully for monitoring both batch and continuous processes, for materials as diverse as polyethylene and washing powder. The instrument continuously tracks Dv(10), Dv(50) and Dv(90), making it ideal for endpoint detection, process control and process optimization applications.
Malvern Instruments Inc., Southborough, MA 508-480-0200 www.malvern.com

pbs0610p12a.jpgMass Flow Feeder
The Mass Flow Feeder is a controllable high-capacity gravity feeder for relatively coarse granular materials. It consists of a mass flow hopper with two movable sides. The discharge rate is controlled by synchronous rotation of the two movable sides. The flow rate is a function of the discharge opening width and the slope of the blades. Minimum flow rate is limited by the opening width at which the material arches across the opening. Turndown rates of 10 to 1 can normally be expected. At a specific setting, the feeder discharges consistently with little variation. The rate varies with different materials and their flow properties. The feeder may be controlled manually or interconnected with a belt scale and programmable controller for automatic control.
Pebco Inc., Paducah, KY 270-442-1996 www.pebco.com

pbs0610p12B.jpgSingle-Stage Rotary Vane Pumps
The EV series of single-stage rotary vane pumps offers high-speed, low-pressure performance for a wide range of applications, including furnaces, vacuum drying, thermoforming, food processing and packaging. They are a combination of proven, low-maintenance rotary vane technology and an environmentally aware design. The EV range provides continuous operation from atmosphere to ultimate vacuum. This, coupled with good water vapor tolerance of up to 6 kg/h at 10 mbar, ensures a consistent, uninterrupted process.
BOC Edwards, Wilmington, MA 800-848-9800 www.bocedwards.com

pbs0610p13a.jpgSplit-Frame Unloader
The Split Frame Unloader allows discharging of bulk bags and rigid totes from mezzanines and other low headroom areas. Unlike fixed-frame unloaders that require sufficient headroom above the top of the frame to clear the load backrest of a forklift, it allows the upper frame to be forklifted onto the plant floor, loaded with a bulk bag and then forklifted back onto the subframe within several inches/centimeters of the ceiling. For discharging from bulk bags, the subframe is equipped with a Power-Cincher flow control valve
that cinches the bag spout concentrically on a horizontal axis for easy tie-offs and vertically in a tight zigzag pattern to prevent leakage of fine powders. It also allows full-open discharge from bag spouts of all popular diameters and is USDA accepted.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 610-814-2400 www.flexicon.com

pbs0610p13b.jpgRugged Converters
Company offers the C2500 Series of ruggedized 400 watt, 3U high, VME/Eurorack–compatible DC/DC and AC/DC converters. The use of industrial grade components adds to the robust nature of the design, making them ideal for a variety of applications including locomotive/mobile controls and communications equipment, telecommunication systems, process control systems and power stations. They are available in eight input versions from 18VDC to 380VDC, as well as 115 and 230VAC and 208V three phase. They offer single outputs from 4.5-250VDC. All outputs are isolated, adjustable and fully regulated to 0.2 percent or better (load) and 0.1 percent (line).
Schaefer Inc., Ashland, MA 508-881-7330 www.schaeferpower.com

pbs0610p16a.jpgPolypropylene Pails
Company offers a redesigned polypropylene family of industrial pails and commercial containers. The pails are environmentally sound, provide top-load strength and use 20 percent less resin than pails made of polyethylene resin. Polypropylene also withstands higher temperatures than polyethylene, an advantage for hot filling applications. Eight different polypropylene containers are available, ranging from two through five gallons. Each size also features tamper evidency, a tamperproof system that provides maximum protection.
IPL Packaging, Saint-Damien, Canada 800-463-4755 www.ipl-packaging.com

pbs0610p16b.jpgCircular Vibratory Screener
The Type VRS circular vibratory screening machine is suitable for use in fractionating, protective and control screening, and de-dusting, as well as being used for wet screening and dewatering of a variety of bulk solids. It is produced in four sizes—600, 1000, 1200 and 1500-mm screen diameters—and screening areas from 0.28 to 1.59 square meters with 1 to 3 screen decks. It offers quick access to the screen inserts, including the internal screen frames. The clamping screw design assures dust enclosure, provides for a more stable machine behavior and facilitates assembly characteristics. Robust rubber elements on the mounting frame support the Type VRS and achieve a performance that is mostly vibration free with low noise levels.
McLanahan Corp., Hollidaysburg, PA 814-695-9807 www.mclanahan.com

pbs0610p16c.jpgAir Classifier
Air classifier (MAC) forced-vortex units process dry materials to extreme fineness and uniformity over a wide range of feed variations, either in a closed circuit with a conventional milling system, or as independent stand-alone systems incorporating feeder, fan and product collection equipment. Performance is due, in part, to a design that ensures that feed material entering the classifying vortex is unimpeded by recirculating coarse fractions. The MAC can easily be installed in existing air systems with minimal modification. Available options include ceramic rotors, abrasion-resistant steel and rubber, polyurethane or ceramic lining.
Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 630-759-9595 www.prater-sterling.com

pbs0610p17a.jpgSieve/Bag Dump Station
Company offers a full range of RVM sanitary-grade gyratory sieves with bag-dump stations. These center- or side-discharge units utilize a 1,800 or 3,600 rpm vibratory electric motor. All models utilize only three stainless contact parts and are designed to meet USDA, FDA, 3-A and cGMP standards. RVM models are available in circular screen sizes from 12 to 36 in. in diameter. Optional bag-dump features include dust/vacuum transfer systems, rare earth magnetic draw and a bag compactor.
Vorti-Siv, Salem, OH 800-227-7487 www.vorti-siv.com

pbs0610p17b.jpgGyratory Sifter
The GyraMax gyratory sifter provides maximum productivity. The drive unit is designed into the machine’s center to maintain the same screening efficiency over the entire screen surface. All screens are dynamically balanced, minimizing building vibration. The machine recovers the maximum amount of good product, while removing the rejects.
Sweco, Florence, KY 859-727-5105 www.sweco.com

pbs0610p17c.jpgBarge Loaders
Company specializes in equipment and systems for loading ships, barges, railcars, trucks and open stacking. Equipment supplied for a new river terminal handles fly ash at 75 P/CF at 250 ST/PH. Loading the barges were eight 30-ft-travel barge-loading retractable spouts with integral dust collectors. Feeding these spouts were over 520 ft of air-flow conveyor. The system also included eight air-actuated vertical slide gates. All heavy wear surfaces were 225 BHN AR plate.
BayShore Material Handling, Bayshore, MI 231-347-1160 www.bayshoresteel.com

pbs0610p18a.jpgPortable Drum and Barrel Scale
This portable drum and barrel scale can also weigh skids and crates and has a separate digital weight indicator with a large easy-to-read display. The scale has built-in wheels and handles for easily moving it within a plant, placing it on a truck bed or taking it to a job site. Featuring a battery-powered digital weight indicator with a five-digit, 1-in. high LCD display that can be mounted anywhere, this portable scale has two live rails for also weighing skids and crates. Available in 500- and 1,000-lb capacity models, it measures 30 in. L × 40 in. W × 4.5 in. H and is made of heavy-duty steel with a baked-on, powder finish and weighs only 105 lb. The indicator has keypad selectable units conversion and RS-232 output. An optional stainless-steel scale for washdown applications is also available.
Alliance Scale Inc., Canton, MA 800-343-6802 www.alliancescale.com

pbs0610p18b.jpgFlanged Two-Way Connector Clamps
Company has expanded its line of Flanged Two-Way Connector Clamps. The bores of the clamps are not machined and are designed for construction tubings GN 990 or DIN 2391, DIN 2395 and DIN 2462. They are made of aluminum with matte shot-blasted finish or black powder coat finish. Other surface finishes are available upon request with minimum quantities. The hexagon nuts are either zinc plated or in stainless steel to suit the screws. The clamps are available in a variety of metric bore combinations, both round and square. They may be ordered with socket cap screws, hex cap screws
or adjustable clamping levers.
J.W. Winco, New Berlin, WI 800-877-8351 www.jwwinco.com

pbs0610p18c.jpgVibration Level Switches
Ideal for the level detection of bulk solids, the Optiswitch 3000 has a vibrating element—a tuning fork—that is energized piezoelectrically and vibrates at the mechanical resonance frequency. The piezos, which are fixed mechanically, are not subject to temperature shock limitations. When the tuning fork is immersed in the solid, the vibrating frequency changes and is detected by the integrated oscillator and converted into a switching command. The switch is virtually unaffected by chemical and physical properties, including density, conductivity, dielectric constant and viscosity. The switches guarantee continuous functionality when exposed to external vibrations and product variations by offering an integrated fault-monitoring system.
Krohne, Peabody, MA 800-356-9464 www.krohne.com/northamerica

pbs0610p18d.jpgBulk Bag Discharger with Delumper
This system safely unloads dusty, lumpy powders in an explosive environment and includes a motorized hoist system. A Sure-Seal pneumatic spout-clamp system ensures dust-tight operation, while a Flo-Master massaging system and material delumper ensure positive material flow. A Flo-Lock discharge gate halts product flow for partial-bag discharging. The system includes a PLC, loss-in-weight batching controls and a dust collector. Type 304L stainless steel on all product contact surfaces ensures easy cleaning. The company specializes in custom-designed units to fit individual application requirements.
Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com

pbs0610p19a.jpgFiltration/Containment System
Company offers the Absolut filtration/containment systems for the containment and removal of active compound and toxic product dust during industrial and pharmaceutical production. It can filter extremely fine dust particles and aerosols, bringing pharmaceutical processing contamination levels down well
below the most stringent OEL (occupational exposure limit). The system provides an extremely low airborne dust level during handling via the use of two HEPA filters that allow cleaned air to be reintroduced back into the production area with no impact on room-to-hallway air balancing. The system features the exclusive use of sub-micron particulate filter cassettes in both the active filter and safety filter stages, affording the ability to accept high levels of contaminants in the inlet air stream. It guarantees 24-hour system operation, has the ability to dedust different tablet presses with one filter system without product cross-contamination and offers integrated weighing systems to provide records of the quantities of material that have been extracted.
Fette America, Rockaway, NJ 973-586-8722 www.fetteamerica.com

pbs0610p21a.jpgIndustrial Exhauster
The Series 05F industrial exhauster is designed for material conveying, dust and fume removal and for handling industrial gases. Efficient airflow is provided at high pressure to flow ratios with lower sound levels than many other selections. The direct drive, Arrg. 4–Series 05F exhauster is available in sizes from 12 to 33 in., in clockwise or counterclockwise rotations and with three wheel choices: Type AH—air handling for light dust loading; Type MH—material handling for material conveying; and Type TH—trim handling wheel for trim and long materials. It is standard with flanged inlet and outlet connections with bolt holes and ideal for mounting directly on top of the dust collector.
Hartzell Fan Inc., Piqua, OH 800-336-3267 www.hartzellfan.com

pbs0610p21b.jpgBlender Controller
Company offers a new operator interface control panel for use on the X-series line of continuous gravimetric blenders, the Guardian-series line of gravimetric batch blenders and the Gravitrol extrusion and line-speed control systems. This control panel utilizes a 5-in. color touch screen interface that allows for ease of recipe entry and maneuverability around the various monitoring and control screens. With a touch of the screen, the user can change to any page. The pages also display more information than the standard two-line display. This new screen, in conjunction with the company’s new automation tools—Trend Manager and Material Manager—helps to streamline the information gathering process.
Process Control Corp., Atlanta, GA 770-449-8810 www.process-control.com

pbs0610p21c.jpgMetric-Sized Locknuts
Responding to increased global demand for metric sizes of a locknut that is capable of maximum holding power and able to be removed and reused many times over, the company has developed the product in sizes M10–M52. Previously offered in select metric sizes only, this locknut has found application in mining, material processing, rail, off-road/heavy vehicle and equipment applications where shock, vibration, stress or environmental conditions cause fastener failure or periodic maintenance requires reusability or safety. With its elliptical spring steel locking concept, the Security Locknut radially locks onto a bolt or mating shaft, making it absolutely vibration and shock proof.
Security Locknut Inc., Mundelein, IL 847-970-4050 www.securitylocknut.com

pbs0610p21d.jpgAutomatic Tensioning Screen Frames
Replacing wood screen frames with all-metal Automatic Tensioning Screen Frames improves efficiency, speed, repeatability and cleanliness. They feature a patented design for attaching screen clothing to unitized frames with unique Quick-Snap spring tension clips. The clips permit quick removal and replacement of screen clothing and ensure constant, uniform tension across the entire screen surface for superior screening, reduced screen blinding and longer screen life. With a one-piece design, they are easy to assemble, clean and maintain, simplifying maintenance, reducing downtime and eliminating the need for spare screen frames. The screen frames and top covers are constructed of heavy-duty 14-gauge mild steel, 304 stainless steel or .125-in. aluminum. The bottom pans are made of mild steel or 304 stainless steel.
Rotex Inc., Cincinnati, OH 800-453-2321 www.rotex.com

pbs0610p22a.jpgConveying Pipeline Elbow
The Pellbow is a patented conveying pipeline elbow that is designed to minimize damage to the elbow and the conveyed product caused when solid particles are injected into a high-velocity conveying system. The higher the velocity, the higher the friction, and more dust and streamers form in elbows. The Pellbow is designed for use in conveying lines with abrasive pellets and powders. Advantages include elimination of streamers, reduction of dust, and wear resistance. It is available in stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron and can easily adapt to fit almost all pipe and tube sizes.
Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

pbs0610p22b.jpgHigh-Temperature Fluidizer
Used to promote the discharge of dry powders from storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins and filters, this fluidizer withstands temperatures from –50° to 450°F. This feature is ideal for storage and transport of fly ash storage, cement manufacturing and steel mill applications.
Solimar Pneumatics, Minneapolis, MN 800-233-7109 www.solimarpneumatics.com

The Raymond Jet-Stream classifier is designed to meet exacting product specifications in applications requiring the production of ultra-fine powders 10 microns APS and lower, such as coatings, extenders, fillers, pigments, ceramics, metallic powders, cosmetics and chemicals. The classifier design allows maximum control of particle top size and distribution, optimum product recovery and less thermal degradation. It is well suited for use in a closed circuit with a pulverizer and, when used in this manner, improves the efficiency of the operation by lowering overall operating costs. System design features include improved feed introduction, secondary air recovery and flexible operation.
Alstom Power Inc., Warrenville, IL 630-393-1000 www.airpreheatercompany.com

pbs0610p23a.jpgBlower Packages
Company offers a Quick-Ship package blower series. It now stocks a full range of Com-paK Plus rotary lobe blower packages in 5–200 hp that are available for immediate delivery. Most units can be shipped in one working day. Complete units include optimized and proprietary tri-lobe Omega Plus profile plus a generously sized motor, silencers, instrumentation and valves. All maintenance points—including the automatic belt tensioning device, oil drains and filter elements—are accessible through the wide-opening canopy on the front. All power and process connections are at the rear, allowing multiple units to be mounted side by side with no need for additional access clearance. The standard sound dampening enclosure lowers typical noise levels to 75 dB(A) or less. An integral ventilation fan provides efficient cooling, even under extreme load conditions.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873 www.kaesercompressors.com

pbs0610p23b.jpgStretch Wrapper
The Q-300XT stretch wrapping unit improves life for fork-truck drivers with a larger load-placement window for its automatic film cut-and-clamp system. Designed to eliminate fork-driver dismounts, the patented XT film cut-and-clamp system now allows a generous 10-in. offset for most loads, while providing automatic attachment of the film to the load and cutting of the film upon completion of the wrap cycle. The newly engineered XT module has one-third fewer parts than the previous generation, along with a larger linear bearing, lighter-weight components for reduced inertia and impact, and a new hinged design that flips up for easy cleaning of the mechanism. The fully guarded cut/clamp system also grabs more film at the end of wrapping for improved unitizing reliability.
Lantech, Louisville, KY 800-866-0322 www.lantech.com

pbs0610p24a.jpgIndicating Differential Pressure Switch
The Model 121 indicating differential pressure switch is a heavy–duty version of the Model 120 and features its rugged, field-proven piston/housing design. It also has a heavy-duty industrial-type terminal strip for either one or two switches. Wiring is easy with ¼-in. NPT conduit interface and a removable cover. Several switching configurations are available, with one or two hermetically sealed switches in SPST or SPDT configurations with 240-volt, 3-Watt or 60-Watt ratings.
Mid-West Instrument, Sterling Heights, MI 586-254-6500 www.midwestinstrument.com

pbs0610p24b.jpgStainless-Steel Weigh Belt Feeders
For use in industries where precision weighing and metering of dry materials is required, DEA stainless-steel weigh belt feeders provide weight-controlled feeding, weight indication and totalization for fragile (friable) materials such as cereals, snack foods, kibble, fruits and fibers. They are offered in 12- and 24-in. belt widths with easy belt detensioning and removal, BIC (belt weight influence compensation), accuracies of 0.25 percent to 1 percent of set rate sigma, and feed rate capabilities up to 1,680 cu ft/hour. For sanitary environments, open-frame models of the weigh belt with wash-down capabilities are also available.
Schenck AccuRate, Whitewater, WI 800-606-9248 www.accuratefeeders.com

The QA24 in-line sifter was developed for the quality assurance and HACCP needs of pharmaceutical, chemical and food operations with moderate production requirements. It is designed to be placed in pneumatic unloading or transfer systems and utilizes the Tru-Balance drive and pneumatic sieve compression system. All sifters feature a gyratory motion that gently and efficiently separates the product. Ease of access for inspection and maintenance has been designed into each sifter model. Tru-Balance sifters feature a perfectly balanced drive that is dependable and vibration-free.
Great Western Manufacturing Co. Inc., Leavenworth, KS 913-682-2291 www.gwmfg.com

pbs0610p25a.jpgConcrete Crack Repair
Traffic-Fast is an easy-to-use, mix-and-pour shallow-crack concrete repair that sets up in as little as two hours. It contains an advanced-formulation high-bond liquid polymer so repairs stand up to industrial use and have increased impact resistance, making repairs last longer than those made with ordinary concrete-repair mortars. It saves time and labor by eliminating the need for extensive key cutting. Clean and acid-etch the surface and it binds instantly without priming. It is ideal for use on loading docks, shipping/receiving platforms, bridge decks, warehouse and plant traffic lanes or any area that can’t be shut down for an extended time.
Garon Products, Wall, NJ 800-631-5380 www.garonproducts.com

pbs0610p25b.jpgManual Dumping Station with Flexible Screw Conveyor
This Manual Dumping Station with integral flexible screw conveyor collects dust created during manual dumping of powder and bulk solid materials from bags, boxes, drums and other containers. The unit features a high-velocity vacuum fan that draws airborne dust from the operator’s atmosphere onto two cartridge filters. Automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning allows continuous, efficient operation. Timer-activated solenoid valves release short blasts of compressed plant air inside cartridge filters, causing dust build-up on the outer filter surfaces to fall into the hopper. Filters are accessed easily by removing the interior baffle and replaced rapidly using quick-disconnect fittings. The flexible screw conveyor handles free- and non-free-flowing bulk materials ranging from large pellets to sub-
micron powders, including products that pack, cake, seize, smear, fluidize, break apart or separate.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426 www.flexicon.com

pbs0610p25c.jpgHigh-Temperature Bulk Powder Cooling System
This high-temperature model cools bulk solids with temperatures up to 1,832°F. For these high temperatures, the company developed a system using horizontal water-cooled tubes as the heat exchange surface. Bulk powder flows via gravity over the cooling tubes while being indirectly cooled. The geometry of the tube is uniform with even temperatures throughout the tube wall to avoid hot spots and high local stresses. The tubes are arranged in a serpentine design connected to manifolds at the top and bottom of each section. The tubes penetrate the front and back wall of the exchanger, with all-welded connections outside of the product flow. The tubes are not welded to the front and back walls to allow full movement. A product seal, where the tube penetrates the front and back walls, prevents product leakage. The front and back walls are typically refractory lined on the inside (product side) to keep the temperature of the walls low, minimizing thermal expansion.
Bulkflow Technologies, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 866-379-3500 www.bulkflow.com

pbs0610p25d.jpgDosing Feeder
With gravimetric or volumetric control, the CD S70 provides its operator with the flexibility to meet changing process requirements. Ideally suited for dosing pellets, granulates, free-flowing regrinds and flakes, it provides a continuous and batching process. With a specially formed feed hopper that yields a large screw intake length, it ensures continuous material flow with no dead zones to provide a more consistent screw fill and accuracy. It can be used as a stand-alone feeder or it can be integrated with other feeding devices. All material contact surfaces are manufactured from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, and the material seals are manufactured from Teflon and silicone.
Colortronic North America Inc., Flint, MI 810-720-7300 www.colortronicna.com

pbs0610p26a.jpgCamera System
Providing real-time control-room monitoring of technical processing operations at a range of up to 1,000 meters, the Lumiglas Visulex Ex camera system saves on-site staff and travel time while enhancing quality control/assurance programs in hazardous locations. Visual process data can be continuously displayed in the control room on a standard monitor or a PC with image processing, or the data can be saved for later evaluation. The camera mounts directly on the process vessel, using a standard sight glass fitting (DIN 28120 or similar) with a hinged bracket. Readily installed on most existing systems, an upstream control unit provides power to the camera, regulates data transfer and, in some models, operates a zoom lens. In some instances, a secondary sight glass and an illumination source may also be added.
L.J. Star Inc., Twinsburg, OH 330-405-3040 www.ljstar.com

pbs0610p28a.jpgWeigh Belt Feeder
A complete line of low-capacity weigh belt feeders can operate in harsh industrial environments with minimal maintenance. The “MXL” weigh belts are specifically designed to meter a wide variety of hard-to-handle materials, such as potato chips and cotton fiber. Weighing is done through a patented low-deflection, nonwearing force measurement suspension system (FMSS) flexure scale that measures vertical loading and can take high load directed overloads. The FMSS Scale design uses counterweights to negate the tare weight of the weigh idler and the belt. One hundred percent of the scale capacity is thus used to weigh material, resulting in the best possible weight signal resolution.
Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries, Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101 www.thayerscale.com

pbs0610p28b.jpgStainless-Steel Load Cells
Company offers the SK30X—the latest addition to Scaime’s series of stainless-steel, all-welded load cells. Designed for use in humid and/or corrosive areas and sealed to IP68 (NEMA 6) levels, it is available in ranges from 500 to 2,000 kg. It is approved to OIML/R60, 3000 divisions and NTEP 5000 divisions. The all-stainless-steel mounting kit (Stabiflex) provides unique capabilities. Integral to the design is an antilift system with lock-up capability for load cell replacement in the field and self-alignment through a sealed ball-and-cup arrangement. The SK30X carries EEx CE certification for electrical isolation and use in intrinsically safe applications.
PTC Electronics Inc., Wyckoff, NJ 800-989-9518 www.ptcelectronics.com

pbs0610p28c.jpgPowered Conveyor Gate Section
This powered gate section for powered conveyor systems incorporates the company’s patented PosiGrip technology to create a solution when access behind or through a conveyor section is required. PosiGrip utilizes lightweight, motorized drive rollers. Roller drive-gear teeth are formed directly into the rollers and are powered by smooth, quiet synchronous belting in a positive drive. There are no separate motors, sprockets or gears and no welded drive components. The unit is self-contained and operates on a standard 110-V electrical supply. A gas spring assists in the lifting mechanism. Many configurations and sizes can be designed. Widths and lengths are dependent upon the application.
TKF Inc., Cincinnati, OH 513-241-5910 www.tkf.com

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