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Level Indicators & Flow Measurement 117

July 6, 2007

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Level Indicators & Flow Measurement

pbs0707p19a.jpgLevel Transmitter
The LaserTrak 80 laser transmitter measures position over long ranges, at distances up to 500 ft. The device also accurately measures level at distances up to 100 ft. Whether handling plastics, grain, or aggregates, the instrument can measure any surface at any angle. The small wavelength of the laser results in a narrower beam with virtually no beam divergence and, therefore, no false echoes. The all-digital design provides speed and accuracy in a compact unit. An advanced timing system and self-correcting signal-processing functions allow the device to make accurate measurements in the harshest conditions.
ASI Instruments, Houston, TX 713-461-4535 www.asiinstruments.com

pbs0707p19b.jpgRotary Level Indicator
The paddle-style BMRX rotary bin level indicator includes state-of-the-art refinements that make it more secure and reli­able, as well as easier to maintain. The indicator comes with a four-bearing driveshaft assembly that reduces motor drag and includes easy access to the electronics through a triple-threaded screw-off cover and removable wire terminals for easy wiring, plus an easy-access dual-conduit entrance. New fail-safe protection eliminates process accidents. The unit can be used to prevent bin overflows, empty conditions, clogged chutes, and jammed conveyors that cost time and money. It comes in a variety of styles for different applications, with various couplings, paddles, and extensions to accommodate any dry bulk material storage or flow need. It can be used in materials with bulk density as low as 2 lb/cu ft.
BinMaster, Lincoln, NE 402-434-9102 www.binmaster.com

pbs0707p19c.jpgTwo-Wire Radar for Solids
The PULS 68 two-wire radar instrument for measuring solids removes obstacles from changing process levels and environmental conditions by combining the advantages of radar technology with the special requirements of bulk solids measurement. Designed specifically to measure solid materials, the instrument uses a frequency of 26 GHz to achieve a strong return signal from solid materials. With a 1000× magnification of returned signals to the sensor as compared with typical radar sensors, the two-wire radar is able to see and evaluate echoes in low dielectric conditions and over a range of up to 230 ft. The precision-designed horn ensures low antenna noise and high sensitivity for optimal focusing, while the distinctive parabolic antenna emits a consistent signal without interfering effects, making it insensitive to contamination and damage through a recessed feed system.
Ohmart/VEGA Corp., Cincinnati, OH 513-272-0524 www.ohmartvega.com

pbs0707p19d.jpgMicrowave Pulse Switch
The Microwave Pulse Switch is a comprehensive sender-receiver remote or integral system that enables point-level switching for presence or absence of most solid materials. Compliant with OSHA and FCC regulations, this rugged device is an environmentally and personally safe alternative to nucleonic switches. Offering low-cost installation and cabling as well as switch-fail relay, the switch is water- and dust-tight, has chemically resistant NEMA 4X enclosures, and requires no site licensing. It is well suited for applications in which microwave energy is absorbed by the monitored material, including replacement of traditional contact switching devices used in mining, sand and gravel quarries, cement plants, pulp paper, plastic, rubber, coal-fired power plants, steel mills, aluminum smelters, food, pharmaceuticals, and other manufacturing fields.
Hawk Measurement America, Middleton, MA 888-429-5538 www.hawkmeasure.com

pbs0707p19e.jpgPoint-Level Indicator
The Roto-Safe provides material point-level indication in bins, silos, hoppers, and other vessels where failsafe detection is required, including dust hazard areas. The Class 2 Division 1–approved unit incorporates two detection circuits: one indicating when material has impeded the paddle, the second indicating when the paddle stops turning. This makes it a failsafe solution for high-level or plug-condition monitoring. Features include user-adjustable sensitivity, LED warning indicators, an adjustable timer, vertical extensions (up to 12 ft long), corrosion-resistant glass-fiber-reinforced nylon housing, and universal power supply of 120/240 V ac/24 V dc.
4B Components, East Peoria, IL 309-698-5611 www.go4b.com

pbs0707p19f.jpgSelf-Validating Bin Level Indicator
The SafePoint self-validating bin level indicator monitors the presence or absence of material as well as the indicator’s own health status and ability to perform its function. The patented application of Hall-effect sensors and microcontroller technology help prevent costly overfilling and material outages. The instrument features outputs to indicate both presence/absence and sensor health. By monitoring both, customers can avoid the cost of having too much or too little material in their bins.
Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-601-6302 www.monitortech.com

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