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October 13, 2006

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Heat Exchangers

pbs0610p27a.jpgReactive Metal Heat Exchanger

Company offers custom-designed and -fabricated reactive metal heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, food, flavor and fragrance, and neutraceutical industries. It specializes in tantalum- and Hastelloy-lined heat exchangers that offer a wide range of corrosion resistance with no contamination of high-purity products. Computer-aided design helps produce a unit that fits any process.
Pfaudler Inc., Rochester, NY 585-235-1000 www.pfaudler.com

pbs0610p27b.jpgAir-Cooled Heat Exchangers

A compact thermoscopic heat-transfer surface enables air-cooled heat exchangers to provide cost savings in blower air/gas applications. They are ideal for locations that have limited access to cooling water. Costs to purchase, install, operate and maintain these heat exchangers are lower because you don’t have to plumb and maintain liquid coolant lines. Despite their small size, units are capable of performing substantial heat-transfer duties. Their design features an aluminum plate-fin core with alternating finned flow channels. Process gas flows through the horizontal channels, entering and exiting through rectangular aluminum headers. Ambient cooling air is drafted upward through the vertical channels by a heavy-duty cooling fan.
Xchanger Inc., Hopkins, MN 952-933-2559 www.xchanger.com

pbs0610p27c.jpgHeat Exchangers

Equipped with streamlined Kenics Static Mixer elements, Kenics Heat Exchangers offer maximum transfer rates even with highly viscous, difficult-to-process materials. Used in a wide range of process applications, they require less space, less energy and less time to process than other designs. The Kenics Static Mixer technology offers high heat-transfer coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer. These heat exchangers provide heat-transfer rates that are three to seven times greater than conventional empty tubes. Features include design pressures to 10,000 psi, construction from all metals and alloys, and ASME/TEMA compliance.
Chemineer Inc., Dayton, OH 937-454-3200 www.chemineer.com

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