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October 8, 2007

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Heat Exchangers

pbs0710p15a.jpgScraped-Surface Heat Exchanger
The Terlotherm is a scraped-surface heat exchanger with several design features that allow it to handle various process applications such as heating, cooling, pasteurization, crystallization, and aseptic processing of products. It processes high-viscosity products and products with large particulates, where tubular or plate heat exchangers fail. Its vertical design requires a small footprint space and is maintenance friendly. Other features include only one shaft seal, which is not disturbed during opening, cleaning, or inspection of the unit; a double-wall design that provides five times more heat-exchange area than conventional equipment; a hinged top cover for inspection and cleaning; scraper blades that can be replaced without tools; and low operating and maintenance costs. The unit is bottom-driven to eliminate the possibility of any product contamination, and it can be cleaned in place.
Terlet Co., Swedesboro, NJ 856-241-9970 www.terlotherm.com

pbs0710p15b.jpgAir/Gas Cooler
This C-Series heat exchanger replaces an older shell-and-tube design that had higher operating costs because of a 2.4-psi pressure drop. While both units have the same cooling capabilities, the new design’s pressure drop is only 0.1 psi. The lower pressure drop saves 50 hp, which translates into annual energy savings of approximately $23,000. The unit is made of stainless steel and has a removable, washable, metal prefilter ahead of the cooling core. It also has a removable mist eliminator downstream of the core. It cools 5000 cfm at 12 psi from 250° to 65°F using 55°F cooling water. The fin-tube core is removable from either side of the housing without disassembly of the gas duct. A variety of gas connection sizes and types are available to match system requirements. Separate cores within a single housing are available with separate or shared access panels.
Xchanger Inc., Hopkins, MN 952-933-2559 www.xchanger.com

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