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October 31, 2006

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pbs0611p4a.jpgEmpty-Belt Detectors

By adapting RF admittance technology, the flexible sensor provides reliable indication of an absence of material on the conveyor belt. A lack of material would typically be caused by a blockage or plugging in the upstream process that needs correction. The sensors are mounted above the conveyor, with a flexible tip riding on the material on the conveyor. If the sensor does not detect the target material, it changes output condition. The change in output state can be used to trigger an annunciator, shut down the conveyor, or initiate any other control system function.
Ametek Drexelbrook, Paoli, PA 610-889-5257 www.drexelbrook.com

pbs0611p4b.jpgChemical Isolation System

The Type IPD chemical isolation system provides protection to interconnected equipment in the event of an explosion. In typical powder-processing plants, dust is collected by filters as heavier matter falls into another zone for processing. As these tanks are connected, the potential for explosion from one tank to the next increases. This system isolates the fireball and quickly extinguishes it before damage can occur. It meets NFPA-654 guidelines and is an ideal tool for protecting against explosions.
BS&B Safety Systems LLC, Tulsa, OK 918-664-3921 www.bsbsystems.com

pbs0611p4c.jpgPick and Place Robotic Systems

Delta robots XR31 and XR22 are fitted with the latest in material and drive technology to make them fast and reliable. The Delta structure, lightweight materials, and direct drives feature unique rigidity and few moving parts, resulting in precise movements and low maintenance. The Delta robot XR31 can be integrated into a column or cell frame. In addition, cameras inside the workspace and modular gripping tools allow customized system configurations. Advantages of the robots include modular customized integration and conformity with the strictest hygiene standards.
Sigpack Systems AG, Beringen, Switzerland +41 52 674 77 77 www.sigpacksystems.com

pbs0611p4d.jpgFilter Bag Removal Device

The Grapoid reduces labor and bag replacement costs by providing quick, easy removal of top-loading snap-in pleated and felt bags in baghouses. Because of the bags’ tight seal with the grid plate—required for leak-free operation—bag removal and replacement is normally time-consuming and labor intensive and often causes damage to the bags, preventing their reuse. This device breaks the seal without effort, lessening stress and strain on maintenance workers and allowing a single worker to complete a task that formerly required two workers. It allows rapid removal—approximately 10 seconds per bag—and avoids damage to bags, so they can be reused. Bag removal also prevents bags from being dropped into the hopper, so there is no possibility of internal contamination from used bags. The unit is operated by a standard cordless drill, pneumatic wrench, or hand tool.
MikroPul, Charlotte, NC 704-998-2600 www.mikropul.com

pbs0611p4e.jpgField-Welded Storage Tanks

These field-welded storage tanks are hopper-bottom silos up to 55 ft in diameter with capacities of more than 250,000 cu ft of storage. Tanks can be specified for coal, fly ash, limestone, and similar applications. The coal storage silo pictured features the world’s largest Tivar-lined hopper bottom and is designed for mass flow. Field-welded hoppers are designed to promote product flow, and options are available to increase abrasion resistance and reduce product degradation during discharge.
Tank Connection, Parsons, KS 620-423-3010 www.tankconnection.com

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