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June 6, 2011

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Single Tip Bulk Bag Unloader
Booth 356 – The Model T4 single tip bulk bag discharger is ideal for plants that require a rapid, dust-free economic and controllable method of emptying low-value or hazardous products. The unit discharges flat bottom disposable bags without a bottom spout and does not result in any product wastage or spillage, even if the product is poor flowing. A range of integral conveyors are offered to transfer discharge material to processing, storage, or packaging. Made of epoxy painted carbon steel or stainless steel, the discharger can be used in a broad cross-section of industrial applications. The discharger consists of a robust frame and discharge dish with a knife to pierce the base of the bag for seam-to-seam discharging. A double membrane with dust extraction facility ensures total containment of the dust. Options include vibration for the most stubborn products, an integral conveyor, mounting on wheels for movement around the plant, and a gantry with hoist to lift bags into position. Spiroflow Systems Inc., Monroe, NC 704-291-9595 www.spiroflowsystems.com

u527_144356.jpgDust Collector Filters
Booth 846 - The DeltaMAXX upgrade replacement dust collector filter line delivers long filter life, clean air, and cost savings. Advantages of DeltaMAXX filters include: most advanced nanofiber technology; Merv 15 filtration efficiency; reduced dust collector operational costs; lower operational mass emissions; less pulse cleaning; surface loading; high-quality pleated media; 99.9% efficiency .3 to .5 micron. Upgrade filters are manufactured for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors. Upgrade replacement bag filters are also available for baghouses. Imperial Systems Inc., Jackson Center, PA 800-918-3013 www.isystemsweb.com


Portable Blending and Drying Analyzer
The TruProcess analyzer is a next-generation near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer for real-time blend analysis, drying, and other process analytical technology (PAT) applications. The TruProcess analyzer demonstrates the proven precision of a benchtop system and is easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes. The analyzer provides fast, reliable, real-time process analysis, while optimizing manufacturing throughput, ensuring product quality, and lowering production costs. In addition, the analyzer includes micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology that transforms traditional NIR spectroscopy into a process-line NIR sensor. The small and lightweight enclosure of TruProcess permits interface with the widest range of pharmaceutical process equipment. It features an integrated position sensor and wireless communications, can complete a scan within one second, and has the ability to monitor blending rates of up to 25 RPMs. The analyzer is also compatible with Thermo Scientific Method Development software to allow for both qualitative and quantitative applications including drying, blending, and moisture analysis. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Wilmington, MA 978-663-2300 www.thermofisher.com


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Real-Time Bin Level Monitoring
BinView is an inventory management system that offers real-time bin level monitoring for solid materials over the Internet or via a company LAN or VPN. The components of the BinView solution are BinMaster’s SmartBob2 or SmartBob-TS1 sensors mounted on the bins, a wireless or wired data communications network, a gateway to provide connectivity to a personal computer or IP network, and data collection software that can be viewed securely by any authorized individual. BinView eliminates the need to manually check bin levels to improve safety and save time, money, and manpower by improving the efficiency of ordering and logistics for all types of operations from farms, to processing and manufacturing operations, to the largest storage facilities. BinView delivers real-time bin data where and when it’s needed, and can be configured for local access only, multi-site access, or corporate visibility of data. SmartBob sensors are programmed to take measurements at predetermined intervals and send bin level data to a gateway with connectivity to an IP network. BinMaster, Lincoln, NE 800-278-4241 www.binmaster.com


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Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor Cleaners
The Mineline MSP standard-duty precleaner, Mineline MMP medium-duty precleaner, Mineline MHS heavy-duty secondary cleaner, and Eliminator U-Type secondary cleaner are all available in stainless steel. The line of stainless steel cleaners can be used in any application, but are ideal for use in aggregate operations, copper mines, fertilizer plants, power plants, salt plants, sugar plants, ports, and other corrosive environments. Most of the cleaner sizes require a one-day lead time. Flexco, Downers Grove, IL 800-541-8028 www.flexco.com

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