Bin Activators & Dischargers

March 16, 2011

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Bin Activators & Dischargers

Carolina Conveying Inc.Bin Discharger
The Soliflo bin discharger with lifting cone valve technology works off the proven bin activator technology, but with several improvements. The cone valve lifts up from a seated position to allow product flow. In the closed position, the cone valve provides positive shutoff. Material flow can be controlled by adjusting how high the cone lifts and/or pulsing the cone up and down. Standard sizes are 2 though 8 ft. Flanges may be either round or square. Various valves can be supplied for the outlet to transport or accurately control the feed rate or batch, such as rotary valves, screw feeders, screw conveyors, flexible screws, etc. Units are also available with load cells and batch or continuous loss-in-weight controls. Carolina Conveying Inc., Canton, NC 828-235-1005

Acrison Inc.Flat Bottom Bin Discharger
The Model 170-BD-30 bin discharger utilizes mechanically induced internal agitation to promote the discharge of dry solid ingredients from within a bin or hopper, typically for filling a feeder or to refill a weigh feeder. The bin discharger is a “self-emptying” design with complete and total clean-out capability. The discharger consists of a circular, non-converging flat bottom housing containing a horizontally mounted agitator (driven from beneath) for effectively discharging dry solids materials from within the storage bin or hopper to which it is attached. Acrison Inc., Moonachie, NJ 201-440-8300

Dynamic Air Inc.Bin Activating Feeder
The Gyro bin activating feeder produces 360 degrees of pure gyratory motion to positively and more reliably discharge granular materials from bins, storage silos, and hoppers at any desired feed rate. At the heart of the bin activating feeder is the drive that produces 360 degrees of radial force, creating a uniform circular motion on all parts of the feeder. It is this annular radial vibratory motion that imparts the ultimate force, assuring a constant and reliable material flow. This also minimizes any material stratification in the storage silo or bin and develops a predictable and positive flow of material upon demand. The bin activating feeder can operate either continuously or as a start and stop operation as might be required for more sophisticated process applications. Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900

PulsonicsBin Activators
These bin activators instantly clear bins, hoppers, and other mass flow vessels of compacted solids. They remove disruptive materials from channels, ducts, or recesses. The activators introduce multiple instantaneous sonic airbursts directly into compacted material to instantly restore flow, without severe shock and vibration methods that often damage your equipment. Pulsonics, Belleville, NJ 973-759-4600

Monitor Technologies LLCBin Aeration Device
The Flo-Pad bin aeration device is used to maintain the flow of dry bulk powders and granular solids in storage vessels. The main features of the device include no moving parts, no filters to change, and no loud damaging vibration. The bin aeration device uses multiple neoprene booted Evasser aerators mounted on a single air plenum chamber to continuously introduce air to stored dry powders and granular material even in more difficult applications. Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-766-6486

Schenck AccuRateControlled Rate Discharger
The SolidsFlow Model 6000 controlled rate discharger is ideal for discharging materials that have the tendency to compact, segregate, and bridge. The discharger helps eliminate these problems by controlling material flow with a feed tray that accommodates the flow characteristics of the product being discharged. The tray works with the material’s natural angle of repose to prevent any flow when the feed tray is turned off. There is no spillage and no run-on. High frequency, horizontal motion applied to the feed tray produces a consistent, uniform flow. Feed rates up to 1500 cu ft/hr are attainable. Schenck AccuRate, Whitewater, WI 800-558-0184

Sodimate Inc.Multiple Screw Dischargers with Arch Breaker Hopper
This multiple screw discharger and arch breaker features a vertical spindle fitted with flexible blades to ensure a thorough discharge of dry solid materials and bio-solids from silos, bins, or hoppers via precise mechanical agitation. This prevents the material from jamming, bridging, compacting, or rat-holing caused by vibration or fluidization. The mechanical arch breaker not only discharges bulk products gently and efficiently, but integrates one, two, three, and/or four volumetric screw feeders. Each screw feeder is completely independent and can feed up to 15,000 lb/hr at different lengths and throughput variations. Lime, powder activated carbon, and soda ash are among the products handled by this silo discharger. Sodimate Inc., Chicago, IL 773-665-8800

Metalfab Inc.Dual Baffle Bin Activators
This rugged line of bin activators is designed and engineered to deliver high performance, high product quality, long-term reliability, and low maintenance over life of ownership. Available in a wide range of sizes from 2-16 ft in diameter, each bin activator incorporates a dual baffle design that delivers continuous flow of dry materials without plugging, jamming, or bridging; an endless beaded flexible sleeve 7/16 in. thick with 3-ply reinforcement that will not puncture, slip, or leak; solid steel suspension arms bolted 90 degrees that can support up to 500,000 lb each to ensure the bin activator remains attached to the bin and cannot move off center; and a unitized vibrator and motor in a single, sealed enclosure with no belts to slip or break - unconditionally guaranteed for 30 months. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999

K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron PremierBin Unloader
This bin unloader bolts to the bottom of a 3-ft hopper flange and forms a transition from the hopper to the agitated discharge at the base. It is designed for use with PVC compound, regrind, and coarse saw dust. The unloader consists of a horizontal powered discharge paddle shaft extending the length of the unloader promoting a more even and uniform discharge flow. Constructed of carbon steel with an epoxy-coated interior and exterior, the unloader is available in 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-in. round and square outlet sizes with shaft bearings and seals on each end. K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611

Nol-Tec Systems Inc.Fluidizing Bin Bottom with Pneumatic Pistons
Free flow of powdered or granular material from storage vessels is virtually guaranteed with the Model 328 fluidizing bin bottom equipped with three to six Model 276 aerators. High-pressure air escaping the aerators means no material contact, making them nearly maintenance free. This powerful bin bottom comes factory pre-assembled and piped, and is available in seven standard outlet sizes. Aerators can also be purchased separately and easily installed in your existing equipment for free flow results. Stainless steel, sanitary, high-temperature, and explosion-proof options are available. Nol-Tec Systems Inc., Lino Lakes, MN 651-780-8600

Carman Industries Inc.Titanium Vibrating Bin Discharger
These titanium bin dischargers are used in extremely corrosive applications where stainless steels and aluminum aren’t recommended. Like all Carman bin dischargers, titanium units use low-amplitude, high-frequency vibration and an internal pressure cone to prevent the two most common types of bin flow problems: bridging and ratholing. Each unit is suspended from above with rubber bushed hanger arms, sealed with a fabric-reinforced elastomer, and driven by a foot-mounted, TENV vibratory motor with adjustable eccentric weights and a 30-month warranty. Carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum units are also available. Carman Industries Inc., Jeffersonville, IN  800-456-7560

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