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  • New Capacitive Sensor Has Bluetooth Capabilities

    December 19, 2017

    Rechner sensor designs are now implementing Bluetooth capabilities. You can monitor Bluetooth sensors on the production line from your office. Each sensor can be individually identified. This information simplifies set up and troubleshooting. Has the sensor been correctly adjusted? Is the measuring...

  • Honeywell Unveils Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring System for Thermal Processes

    December 8, 2017

    Honeywell announces Honeywell Connected Plant Thermal IQ, a cloud-based remote monitoring system designed to monitor and manage critical thermal process data. This cyber-secure offering is part of Honeywell’s asset performance management (APM) portfolio that helps customers improve asset...

  • The Benefits of Real-Time Dust Monitoring

    December 8, 2017

    Approximately 14.8 million adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with an estimated 12 million people likely to have the condition, but not yet diagnosed.1 Many of these cases could be linked to occupational exposure from dangerous airborne dusts,...

  • On-Line Moisture Analyzer

    December 7, 2017

    NDC Technologies introduces the PrediktIR gauge for the on-line moisture measurement of bulk materials during processing. The PrediktIR gauge meets the true demands of bulk processors looking for a basic on-line moisture measurement solution that is stable and accurate. Based on NDC’s proven...

  • Selecting the Right Technology to Measure Level and Volume of Solids

    November 30, 2017

    Measuring the level and volume of powders and bulk solids in a vessel can be considerably more challenging than determining the level of a liquid. While measuring liquid level presents many challenges, most present a uniform surface. Solids don’t behave as predictably, and this often causes...

  • MoistTech Announces Move to Larger Facility

    November 27, 2017

    Due to its growth over the past several years, MoistTech Corp. has moved to expanded corporate headquarters at 6408 Parkland Drive, Suite 104, Sarasota, FL. Remaining in Sarasota, the move into a new, larger office space accommodates the company’s growing sales team, marketing efforts,...

  • Online Screw Conveyor CAD Configurator

    November 15, 2017

    WAM USA Inc. introduces the online Screw Conveyor CAD Configurator. This online tool is based on the company’s understanding of the ever-growing need of engineers and project managers for easy-to-use online tools and, at the same time, readily available 3D models of CEMA screw conveyors. The...

  • In-Line Monitoring Technology for Granulation Optimization

    November 10, 2017

    Fine powders are frequently far from optimal from the perspective of processing performance or indeed product usage. Often associated with health and safety concerns such as dust explosions, air/water pollution and poor workplace hygiene, they can also compromise manufacturing efficiency by...

  • Mettler Toledo Launches Oven Autosamplers

    October 24, 2017

    Mettler Toledo announces the launch of its new, fully certified InMotion KF oven autosamplers: InMotion Flex and InMotion Pro. These instruments have been designed to bring accurate, precise, and efficient Karl Fischer titration to every laboratory. The InMotion KF comes with an innovative vial...

  • In-line Flow Measurement Helps Quantify Material Inventory

    October 24, 2017

    An international manufacturer of PVC piping was looking for a method to validate the quantity of PVC powder received as it pneumatically conveys the raw material into a storage silo. It was particularly critical that the flow measurement be performed in-line (on-line) within the process, thereby...