October 1, 2019

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Venturi Scrubbers in Fully Engineered Integrated Package
Bionomic Industries Series 7000/8000 integrated scrubber package

Bionomic Industries Inc. announces the availability of its Series 7000/8000 in a new version - a fully integrated pre-engineered package complete with recirculation pump, piping networks, instrumentation, and automated controls - all factory assembled and tested to lower engineering, installation, and project costs, while reducing lead times for quicker installation and on-time operation.

Units destined for outdoor installation are available with a freeze protection package for operation in cold weather climates. These pre-engineered systems come complete with all necessary dimensional, weight, and instructional information along with a system P&ID and process flow diagram giving all material balances.

Series 7000/8000 integrated scrubber packages are extremely versatile to enable meeting today's PM 10 and PM 2.5 particulate emission standards and offer trouble-free low maintenance operation. They are also available in a complete variety of materials to enable operation on extremely corrosive or erosive gas contaminant streams. An advanced throat design and diverging section provides high collection efficiencies at reduced pressure drops. Throat sections are available for manual operation or can be equipped with an optional automatic adjustment mechanism for maximum flexibility in meeting the required collection efficiency and gas volume operating range.

Typical applications include high-efficiency collection of micron and sub-micron particulate emitted from dryers, calciners, power boilers, kilns, hazardous waste incinerators, process vessels, material handling operations; particulate and mists generated from metal cleaning/descaling operations; iron briquetting and pelletizing emissions; cleanup of syngas tars and particulate from gasifiers; abrasive dusts including taconite ores, catalysts, metal carbides and oxides; and many others.

Bionomic Industries, Inc., Mahwah, NJ 201-529-1094 www.bionomicind.com

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