New Dust Collector Optimized for Fiber Lasers

Senturion is a powerful dust collector optimized for the volume and type of dust produced by fiber laser cutting.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

September 11, 2020

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Fiber laser cutting machines put unprecedented cutting power and speed in the hands of fabrication shops and manufacturers. But faster cutting speeds create new challenges for laser cutting dust control. That’s why RoboVent developed the Senturion dust collector specifically for fiber laser cutting.

Senturion is a powerful dust collector that has been optimized for the volume and type of dust produced by fiber laser cutting. Fiber lasers produce large volumes of very fine particulates moving at high velocities within the laser enclosure. This dust can become deeply embedded in the filter media, making it difficult to pulse off and causing premature filter loading. If filters become clogged or the dust collector simply cannot keep up with the volume of particulate produced, dust builds up in the laser enclosure. Over time, excess dust can damage costly laser cutting equipment and lead to product quality issues or safety concerns.

“Senturion was designed with the end user in mind, to better protect people and equipment from fumes generated from fiber lasers,” said Rick Kreczmer, president of RoboVent. “Fiber lasers create higher loads very fine particulate, which creates challenges for the fume collection industry. Senturion has been designed to handle the high cutting speeds and rapid filter loading inherent to fiber lasers, so they deliver better performance for end users and our manufacturing partners.”

Senturion addresses the challenges of fiber laser cutting dust collection with several adaptations: a powerful and efficient motor-blower combination to ensure adequate airflow for laser cutting  applications; a lower air-to-cloth ratio (more filter media per CFM of air) to handle large volumes of dust; an advanced pulsing system to prevent dust from becoming embedded in the filter media; Pleatlock filters, which have better pleats and more filter media to capture more dust with less loading.

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