Multi-Compartment Baghouse Monitoring System

February 8, 2016

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Multi-Compartment Baghouse Monitoring System
The PCME Leak Locate 320 Plus networked, multi-compartment baghouse monitoring system

The PCME Leak Locate 320 Plus is a networked, multi-compartment baghouse monitoring system providing remote observation of the condition of bag and cartridge filters. An ElectroDynamic sensor is installed in the outlet of each compartment to monitor dust emission levels.

The system is supported by the PC-ME Dust Tools software package for PCs, with advanced features for monitoring emission trends and identifying failing or broken bags. For on-line cleaned bag filters the specific bag row containing leaking bags can be located.

Features of the Leak Locate 320 Plus include:
• provides advance warning of filter deterioration
• significant savings in spares, maintenance time, energy costs, and lost production time
• reduces the likelihood of large-scale emission events

The sensors use PCME’s patented ElectroDynamic probe electrification technology. Particulates in the airstream interact with the sensing rod to induce a charge signature. The sensor electronically filters the resulting signal to reject signals outside a defined frequency range, making it less susceptible to changes in particle velocity and eliminating the effect of any particulate contamination on the sensing rod.

PCME Altech., Geneva, IL 630-715-8970

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