Bag Leak Detection and Solids Flow Monitoring

June 18, 2014

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Bag Leak Detection and Solids Flow Monitoring
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Auburn’s TRIBO.dsp U3000 series of electrostatic/triboelectric (TRIBO) bag leak detectors, emission monitors and solids flow monitors effectively measure dust emissions and dry solids flow from a wide variety of industrial processes including chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, metals, cement operations, and power/utility industries. The conveying or transporting of dry particulate for manufacturing processes creates the need to know if there is flow in a pipe or feeder system. Monitoring dust collection equipment (fabric filters, cartridge collectors, bin vents, etc.) can reduce maintenance costs and eliminate product loss as well as provide equipment protection.

The proprietary core technology, TRIBO.dsp, unifies DC impaction (triboelectric) and AC induction electrostatic signals for high accuracy, reliability, and repeatability:

Process Improvement
•    Auburn monitoring equipment improves process efficiency for higher financial return
•    Provides reliable Flow or No Flow indications for many process applications such as:
•    Powder injection
•    Pneumatic conveying
•    Screw conveyor flow, etc.
Dust Collector Monitoring/Maintenance
•    Early warning of impending filter failure avoids shutdowns; allowing for early, non-disruptive, maintenance scheduling
•    Eliminates the guess work of isolating compartments or performing time-costly dye tests
•    Safely extends the use of filter media beyond manufacturer’s recommendation, resulting in fewer preventative maintenance shutdowns
Environmental Compliance Monitoring  
•    Auburn monitoring systems are installed to satisfy governmental emission compliance regulations
•    Eliminates the need for visual inspections of emissions or daily logging of DP measurements

TRIBO.dsp’s Working Principal
As dust particles collide with, or closely pass by a probe, charge transfers occur. Tribo.dsp series products detect the signal created by the changes in particulate concentration, as in the onset of a bag leak or an increase or decrease in flow. Unlike monitors that use only the DC impaction or only the AC induction signals, thereby using only a portion of the complete electrostatic signal, TRIBO.dsp unified U3000 series combines the benefits of each method, providing the user with a reliable and repeatable signal, with electrical interference resistance - even in harsh industrial environments. They can activate operational functions such as alarms and relays or can generate continuous 4-20 mA or digital signals for trending and recording purposes.
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