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UAS Offers Online Calculator to Estimate Dust Collection Equipment Savings

United Air Specialists Inc. (UAS), a manufacturer of industrial air pollution control equipment, has announced the launch of an interactive cost savings calculator on its Web site: www.uasinc.com/FilterCalculator.aspx.

The easy-to-use calculator enables users to determine their approximate annual energy and operational savings by using Protura nanofiber cartridge filters in conjunction with UAS dust collection equipment. 
Users simply input their required CFM or horsepower, cost of electricity, number of cartridges needed and maintenance/service labor rate—and within seconds, are shown their estimated annual cost savings. In addition, environmentally conscious users can also make note of how much they can reduce their carbon footprint by viewing an estimate of saved carbon emissions.

The calculator is based on the combination of the Protura nanofiber cartridge filters and patented pulse blast cleaning technology. In any dust collector, Protura filters last twice as long as 80/20 cellulose or commodity filters due to their surface loading characteristics. But when used in conjunction with UAS’ optimized dust collectors, they also ensure use of less compressed air, resulting in a significant cost savings in plant utilities.

For more information, visit www.uasinc.com.

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