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Compact Cartridge Dust Collectors

Untitled DocumentThese compact jet-pulse cartridge dust collectors are specifically designed to collect free-flowing chemical and pharmaceutical powders from operations that produce dust such as grinding, weighing, pouring, blending, and bagging. The Sternpulse Model SPH 2-6 features six tool-free slide-out pleated filters in a down-flow configuration, internal baffling for even air distribution, programmable pulse controller, multiple inlet and outlet locations, and seismic Zone 4 construction. Filter efficiency is 99.99% at 0.5 µm. Benefits are lower installation and maintenance costs, durability, and long filter life. Options include wide range of filter media, bag in/bag out filters, explosion vents, explosion-suppression construction, abrasion-resistant construction, stainless steel, top-mounted direct or belt drive fans, and rotary airlocks. Sternpulse models are available from 4–48 filters for up to 24,000 cfm.
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