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Combustible Dust Incident Prevention Program

Dust explosions are serious problems that reach a wide range of industries. During the past 25 years, 281 major combustible dust incidents have been reported, killing 119 and injuring over 720 workers, as well as causing millions of dollars in property damage.

Summit’s new Combustible Dust Incident Prevention training program will ensure that these injuries and costs are avoided at any worksite. The program covers hazards of combustible dust, preventing dust explosions, safe work practices, and emergency procedures.

In March 2008, OSHA reissued the Combustible Dust National Emphasis program. Investigators continue to report that the number one cause for a combustible dust exposition is that employers and employees are naive to the hazards created from combustible dust in their workplace. Summit’s Combustible Dust Incident Prevention training program thoroughly educates employees to be aware of the hazards and teach a commitment to follow good housekeeping and safe work practice.

Combustible dust fires not only cause bodily harm, but also financial struggles, and major facility damage. For a free, no obligation preview of Summit’s timely Combustible Dust Incident Prevention training program call 800-842-0466 or visit www.safetyontheweb.com.

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