May 7, 2013

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Vacuum Resin Dryer
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This new resin dryer advances the concept of vacuum drying, making operation much simpler and more reliable than with previous vacuum systems, while continuing to provide reductions in drying time and energy consumption in comparison with desiccant dryers. While the concept of using vacuum to force moisture from within resin pellets remains a radical departure from conventional desiccant systems, the new VBD vacuum dryer adds another simple concept: the use of gravity to move material through vertically arranged stages of the drying process, with the discharge of material from one stage to the next controlled by slide-gate valves. This eliminates most moving parts, in particular the three-station indexing carousel mechanism of the LPD vacuum dryer introduced in 2000. It also does away with sealing gaskets, which can be worn and compromised by resin dust, and with perforated screens, which require cleaning.
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