New Range of Compressed Air Dryers Released

July 29, 2015

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New Range of Compressed Air Dryers Released
SPX offers a new value range of non-cycling, refrigerated compressed air dryers

SPX has announced the release of a new value range of non-cycling, refrigerated compressed air dryers. The dryers offer a balance between technology and simplicity to dry compressed air systems to ISO 8573-1 Air Quality Class 4 to 5 pressure dew points.

The HPR & HPRN Series of refrigerated air dryers are based on a proven design to ensure reliable, consistent performance. The range includes 19 models offering flow capacities between 10 and 500 scfm to meet a broad variety of operating requirements. The dryers include many options and features.

The use of smooth bore, copper tube heat exchangers ensure consistent low-pressure dew point performance across the range. Models are also designed with a static condenser for efficient, quiet, trouble-free operation. All units offer easy monitoring with clear, illuminated indicators. At lower flows the range uses pneumatically operated internal float drains or electronic drain valves to ensure condensate is reliably managed in the units. Higher flow models, between 75 and 500 scfm, use integral demisters/separators that efficiently remove condensate across their full flow range without moisture carry-over. These models also employ innovative stainless steel heat exchangers for optimum heat transfer, efficiency and reliability.

All of the HPR & HPRN Value Series have high energy efficiency and environmentally friendly performance with the use of a CFC-free refrigerant. Additional filtration is available to achieve ISO 8573-1 Class 1 for particulates, pressure dew point, and oil.

SPX Flow Inc., Charlotte, NC 262-728-4920

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