Fluid Bed Processor Maximizes Energy Savings

January 5, 2016

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Fluid Bed Processor Maximizes Energy Savings
Carman Industries solar salt dryer

To solve a customer’s problem, Carman Industries introduced a vibrating fluid bed processor that efficiently dries 50 tn/hr of solar salt at 3% moisture and cools it to less than 140°F. The integrated cooling zone provides a finished product that is easier to handle. Cooling the product allows for a variety of heat-sensitive packaging and prevents condensation in storage/packaging.
In addition, the ambient air cooling zone provides an energy savings because of the evaporative cooling effect resulting from blowing air across an already heated product with residual moisture on it. It is not uncommon for the exhaust air of a fluid bed cooling zone to be utilized as a heat recovery source. However, this particular customer wanted to really maximize the possible energy savings. Carman therefore developed a creative design for recirculating the exhaust airstream that does not simply utilize the cooling zone exhaust airstream for heat recovery, but maximizes the heat recovery potential of the entire system. By doing this, the company was able to achieve 1.74 therms/dried ton.
Since the product is stored outside, the customer was also concerned about being able to consistently provide a uniformly dried material for a variety of product inlet moisture conditions. The sophisticated PLC control system helps to maximize the efficiency of the system and provides a consistently processed product under these varying product inlet conditions. If the customer chooses to run at a fixed feed rate, then the control system will modulate the heat source, as necessary, to maintain the required product outlet moisture content for a variety of given product inlet moistures. If the customer prefers to maximize throughput, the PLC controls will modulate the product feed rate, as necessary, to continue to maintain that required product outlet moisture.
The entire system is constructed of a special stainless steel alloy to minimize the corrosion aspects of the product for a moderate capital expenditure. This provides the best return on investment over a reasonable life of the equipment under these harsh conditions.
There were additional environmental and operational concerns. The customer was not happy with its existing pulse jet cleaning baghouses, with bags breaking and issues with removing the dust from them. The problem was solved by providing several high-efficiency cyclone dust collectors. The cyclone dust collectors have the benefit of not requiring compressed air or maintaining of bags, and are still capable of meeting particulate emissions standards. Carman was able to provide an ultra-low NOx burner that could meet the most stringent of NOx and CO requirements.
As is the case with all Carman equipment, this fluid bed processor was designed, manufactured, fully assembled, and dynamically tested at Carman’s facility.
    Carman Industries, Jeffersonville, IN, has been manufacturing vibratory material handling and processing equipment for over 50 years, including feeders, bin dischargers, conveyors, fluid bed processors, drawdown hoppers, and spiral elevators. For more information, visit www.carmanindustries.com.

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