Efficient Fluid Bed Dryers

August 24, 2015

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Efficient Fluid Bed Dryers
Heyl & Patterson offers fluid bed dryers.

Heyl & Patterson offers fluid bed dryers in conventional designs for powders and granular materials, as well as unique designs for materials not normally conducive to fluid bed processing, such as sludges, filter cakes, and agglomerates.  

Dryer specifications are customized to each application, based on factors such as particle size distribution and weight, starting and final moisture content, product temperature, drying air temperature, air velocity, retention time, etc.

Fluid bed dryers can be sized up to 18 feet in diameter, with inlet gas temperatures up to 2200°F, and utilize a wide range of heat sources. The drying gas stream provides maximum heat for uniform product quality, and no moving parts results in a low-maintenance design. Applications and designs can be tested at the company’s pilot plant facility.  

Heyl & Patterson Inc., Carnegie, PA 412-788-9810 www.heylpatterson.com

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