Cone Central Shaft Dryer

October 22, 2014

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Cone Central Shaft Dryer
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The Condry cone central shaft dryer technology is a more efficient and more cost-effective drying method when compared to other types of vacuum drying technologies. This is accomplished by the engineered design of the Condry, which provides a large “static” heated surface area (vessel walls) and a large “dynamic” heated surface area (heated agitator). Most of the heat transfer in dryers is done by the heated agitator, so agitator surface area is of the upmost importance.

The Condry conical bottom agitated vacuum dryer has been developed to process a wide variety of products. The machines have proven to be particularly suited for the drying of products with a fragile crystal structure and thus sensitive to friction as well as heat sensitive products.

The conical bottom with a central discharge valve allows for excellent product discharge characteristics of the dryer.

An agitator arm profile with teeth has been developed. Excessive pressure onto the product is avoided which prevents changes or damage to the crystal structure of the product and, at the same time, results in excellent mixing characteristics at the desirable low rotational speeds. The agitator design prevents the formation of agglomerates, thus no choppers (homogenizers, lump breakers) are required, which are highly undesirable due to their shear action causing damage to sensitive products, in addition to the excessive dust being created in the final drying stages.

Narrow tolerances between the agitator and the vessel walls prevent adhering of the product to the walls, which results in a good heat transfer, good emptying characteristics, and permit the use of the dryer with small batch sizes.

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