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Marion Introduces Cannabis Thermal Dryer

Article-Marion Introduces Cannabis Thermal Dryer

Marion Process Solutions' WaveMix Cannabis thermal processing technology
Marion Process Solutions' WaveMix Cannabis thermal processing technology

Marion Process Solutions announces the availability of WaveMix Cannabis, a new thermal processing technology that has been tested by Analytical 360, an independent analysis lab specializing in hops, hemp, and cannabis.

Analytical 360’s analysis of WaveMix for hemp drying validated the use of WaveMix for moisture removal and maintenance of product integrity.

Highlights from the testing include:

  • Moisture reduction from 77 to 9 percent in hemp flowers in 45 minutes
  • Remediation of THC content by 0.1 percent
  • Change in CBD content of 0.46 percent
  • Change in total terpenes of 1.52 percent

“These test results confirm that WaveMix Cannabis is an optimal solution for drying product effectively and efficiently, while maintaining its chemical integrity,” said Lee Eilers, CEO of Marion Process Solutions. “WaveMix accomplishes these results through a combination of microwave energy coupled with vacuum technology to create a significant breakthrough for the cannabis industry.”

Hemp and cannabis processing operations benefit from the focused power and shortened drying times delivered by WaveMix. Compared to air drying, with microwave processing using WaveMix, cannabis producers can benefit from:

  • Terpene profile retention
  • Higher CBD content per pound of hemp
  • Tight temperature control
  • Low-temperature drying
  • Uniformity of moisture content in materials post drying
  • High degree of repeatability from batch to batch

“Drying up to 3,000 pounds of hemp or cannabis in a matter of minutes might seem like magic, but there is serious science behind it,” said Eilers. “And while hemp and cannabis are emerging markets, Marion has been processing and drying products for more than 80 years. Staying at the forefront to drive innovative technologies is the hallmark of our enterprise, and cannabis producers now have a key go-to expert for the drying phase of their operations.”

WaveMix is now available in four distinct models for cannabis and hemp applications with process capacities ranging from 600 to 3,000 lb, and WaveMix is made in the US.

Marion Process Solutions, Marion, IA 800-397-6371 www.marionsolutions.com

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