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Conical Dryer for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Applications

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the BOLZ Cylindro conical dryer CCD can be adapted to almost any process requirement in the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industry.

With its flexible design, different agitator designs, and material grades, the BOLZ Cylindro conical dryer CCD can be adapted to almost any process requirement in the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industry.

It is used as vacuum contact dryer and evaporator, as well as a sterilizer or alkalizer, providing high quality and short drying times. The products processed range from slurries and pastes to filter cakes, granulates, and powders.

Constantly increasing demands on quality and economic efficiency call for innovative solutions in the manufacture of intermediate products in the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Especially for building materials such as adhesives and sealants that require functional additives, such as chalk, carbon black, or calcium carbonate that are essential to producing the best quality final product. During this type of process, the moisture content should be as close as possible to zero, preventing unintended reactions with other product components from impacting on quality.

The Cylindro conical dryer CCD’s gentle but intensive mixing ensures short drying times without significant product debris. Drying is affected at a pressure of less than 30 mbar absolute, and the final moisture content is no more than a few ppm, depending on the application.

The efficient Cylindro conical dryer is often used after mechanical solid-liquid separation but can also be operated without a preceding mechanical separation stage. It meets various process requirements due to the different agitator designs, including helix, double helix, paddle, or segmented helix. Different application-specific materials are available for the product contacted parts, from stainless steel to (super) duplex, Hastelloy, or titanium. Thanks to its flexibility, the dryer can be used for vacuum contact drying as well as for evaporation, sterilization, and alkalization, or as a reactor handling slurry, pastes, and filter cakes, as well as granules and powders.

Sophisticated Functionality
The central mixing helix is the core technology of the Cylindro conical dryer with its central shaft agitator. Precisely adapted to the vessel design and running close to the wall, the helix ensures optimum mixing of the product. The mixing helix feeds the product upwards along the heated vessel wall, while in the center of the vessel vertical mixing is ensured by gravity. Rotation results in a horizontal flow component. The three-dimensional mixing principle means new material is continuously fed to the heated vessel wall, leading to a homogeneous temperature in the dryer. In combination with a heated mixing helix, the optimized agitator achieves perfect mixing results and reduced drying times.

The vessel including the dished cover is heated by a jacket, half-pipe coils, or pillow plates using heat carriers such as hot water, (saturated) steam, or thermal oil, which can be heated to temperatures of up to 400°C. By heating the complete dryer, the formation of cold spots is prevented. In addition, an insulating jacket keeps the heat inside the dryer and at the same time offers operator protection against injury. 

A ball segment valve with an inflatable, sanitary lip seal is normally used as the product discharge emptying valve at the vessel cone´s central outlet, guaranteeing maximum tightness in vacuum or pressure operation. It allows the helix segment blade to be as close as possible to the outlet valve ball segment´s geometry, thus minimizing unmixed zones and product residues.

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