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Circular Double-Deck Fluid Bed Processor

Article-Circular Double-Deck Fluid Bed Processor

Kason's 84 in.-diam double-deck Vibro-Bed circular fluid bed processor
Kason's 84 in.-diam double-deck Vibro-Bed circular fluid bed processor

This new Vibro-Bed circular double-deck fluid bed processor system from Kason Corp. simultaneously dries and cools while reducing capital cost, energy usage, and cleaning time, according to Henry Alamzad, Kason president.

The 84-in.-diam system utilizes vibration and upward air flow to separate and fluidize individual particles, maximizing the rate at which drying, cooling, or moisturizing can occur.

The addition of a second fluidizing deck will allow for doubling the heating/drying capacity or allow for simultaneous drying and cooling in the same unit, effectively doubling capacity and efficiency with little to no increase in floor space.

Unlike rectangular units, the circular design of the fluid bed processor is inherently rigid, does not require heavy steel side walls or cross braces to withstand extensive vibration, and utilizes smaller gyratory motors that cost less to purchase and operate. Associated components are also eliminated, such as multiple air inlets and outlets – the circular unit requiring only one of each. As a result, the system is lighter, stronger, and require less heat energy at equivalent capacities.

Reductions in material, weld seams, and associated labor decrease fabrication cost, particularly when units are finished to FDA, USDA, BISSC, or 3-A standards.

Eight models are available in diameters from 18 to 84 in., encompassing batch and continuous applications from low-capacity laboratory and pilot plant testing to medium-high volume production. Available options include: centrifugal screeners to de-agglomerate moist incoming material; spray nozzles to coat dried particles; and vibratory screeners to scalp, classify or dedust dried material.

Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140 www.kason.com

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