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Buhler Aeroglide Acquires License for Drying Technology

Article-Buhler Aeroglide Acquires License for Drying Technology

Buhler Aeroglide has announced a license agreement with Ronning Engineering Company, Inc. of Overland Park, KS. The license agreement includes the utilization of Ronning’s drying technology for specific market segments like biomass. Combining the rotary drying technology with the existing competence in drying technology gives Buhler Aeroglide a leadership position in those markets for future growth.

The license agreement completes Buhler Aeroglide’s portfolio of convection drying technologies and allows the offering of complete solutions for special market segments such as biomass. Buhler Aeroglide is the worldwide Center for Thermal Processing Competence for the entire Buhler Group. The new agreement continues the trend of exciting innovation and expansion that has intensified in the last two years for Buhler Aeroglide. It also solidifies its position as the world’s largest conveyor drier supplier.

The license agreement further enhances Buhler Aeroglide’s ability to serve customers in a wide range of markets. According to Tom Mix, senior vice president of worldwide sales, “This represents not only an excellent marriage of two technologies, but also of corporate cultures and industry talents that will continue to build on our leadership in the industry." 

Buhler Aeroglide manufactures equipment in its factory in Raleigh, NC. Founded in 1940, the company supplies industrial driers, roasters, toasters, ovens, and coolers for such products as RTE breakfast cereals, snacks, nuts, pet food, synthetic polymers, biomass, ethanol by-products, charcoal, and tobacco. Buhler Aeroglide is globally recognized as the leader in sanitary design and specialists in the science of airflow and heat transfer.

Founded in 1963, Ronning Engineering is a leader in the rotary drying industry. The company has extensive experience in biomass, ethanol, and agricultural applications.  

Buhler, a family owned firm headquartered in Uzwil, Switzerland, employs more than 7000 people around the world. In 2008, the Group generated sales of $1.85 billion. In 2010, Buhler celebrates its 150th anniversary. Buhler is a leader in the basic technologies of grinding, blending and mixing, bulk handling, thermal treatment, and shaping for processing cereal grains and foods, producing and upgrading engineering materials, and die casting.

For more information, visit www.aeroglide.com.

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